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‘Fairly Legal’ Star Sarah Shahi Talks Season 2 Secrets

Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader turned actress, Sarah Shahi talked with WSJ’s Alexandra Cheney about her starring role in Season 2 of USA Network’s "Fairly Legal." Great-great-granddaughter of the 19th-century Persian Shah Fath Ali Shah Qajar, Shahi also talked about her family lineage and what it takes to be a brown belt in karate. [Warning, spoilers in video] //

Fairly Legal Is Back In Session: A New Guy, a New Showrunner, a New World

When Fairly Legal returns for Season 2 on Friday (9/8c on USA), it will be a different world for Kate Reed, star Sarah Shahi tells "The things she found most comfortable in life: Justin, her boat, some of her work, we've pulled that out from underneath from her," Shahi says. "She doesn't have a security blanket anymore. She's being forced to become an adult a... //

Fairly Legal “Satisfaction” Season 2 Episode 1

Fairly Legal  "Satisfaction" Season 2 Episode 1  airs on Friday March 16 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis :  After being fired, Kate returns to work and mediates a case between a corporation and former employee whose granddaughter claims he was exposed to harmful chemicals. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal’s Baron Vaughn Talks Season 2, Leo’s New Haistyle, Love Interests, and more [Interview]

Who’s excited to have  Fairly Legal ‘s Leo back on their TV? I know I am and it’s only a few hours until the series returns for its second season  tonight, March 16th at 9pm on USA. During our recent set visit of  Fairly Legal , we along with other reporters got to talk to the man himself, Baron Vaughn, and ask him all about Leo’s upcoming shenanigans including his new hairstyle. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal’s Newcomer Ryan Johnson Introduces Us To His New Character Ben Grogan [Interview]

When  Fairly Legal  returns this Friday, March 16th at 9pm on USA, it will be with new blood. The series is adding a new character this season and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love him. His name is Ben Grogan and he is played by the talented Ryan Johnson who hails from Down Under. During our recent set visit of  Fairly Legal ,  w e  along with other reporters got a chance to ask Ryan Johnson a few questions about this new intriguing character and how his addition will impact our favorite characters. Read More... //  

'Fairly Legal' Interview: Virginia Williams Previews Everything Lauren in Season 2

What good is a show without an antagonist? Love her or hate her, Lauren Reed (Virginia Williams) gives us plenty of antagonism in Fairly Legal . And how could she avoid it? She's poised, beautiful, successful... and married to Kate's father. During a recent visit to the set of Fairly Legal , Virginia Williams explained where Lauren is headed in season 2 and why her incredible clothes are a bit tragic. //

'Fairly Legal' Interview: Baron Vaughn Talks About His Character and New Hairstyle

One of the most consistently entertaining parts of Fairly Legal in season 1 was Baron Vaughn's character of Leo, assistant to Kate Reed. Even with the precarious status of Kate's employment at Reed & Reed going into season 2, Leo remained at his post and will be there waiting in the new season. BuddyTV had a chance to talk to Baron Vaughn during a recent Fairly Legal set visit. Keep reading to find out what he had to say about the new season, his character and a new haircut. //

Fairly Legal’s Michael Trucco Talks Season 2, Justin and Kate, and more

Some people will always remember Michael Trucco as Anders from  Battlestar Galactica , but for others he is now known as Assistant District Attorney Justin Patrick in USA’s  Fairly Legal . During a recent visit of  Fairly Legal , now in production for its second season premiering this Friday, March 16th at 9pm on USA, Michael Trucco took some time to answer a few questions from  TV Equals and other reporters on the scene about season 2, Justin and Kate’s relationship, newcomer Ryan Johnson and more. Read More... //  

'Fairly Legal' Season 2 Preview: New Faces, New Dynamics and New Cases (Exclusive Video)

Philiana Ng The USA Network drama starring Sarah Shahi returns March 16. //

Exclusive: Fairly Legal Adds Melinda McGraw as New Judge

Fairly Legal is adding Mad Men 's Melinda McGraw as a new judge this coming season, has learned exclusively. McGraw will play Judge Victoria Connors, a new addition to the San Francisco Supreme Courts. Connors is described as a sharp and free-spirited recent divorcee known for her passion for the law, and possibly the... //