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Fairly Legal Season Finale Review: Courage Is An Angel

A year ago it broke my heart when Justin walked away from Kate at the end of the season. My, how things have changed. The Fairly Legal " Finale " resolved an issue that Kate's been battling all season. She finally found her own apartment and in another surprise twist, I believe Lauren will actually miss her. Read More... //

Fairly Legal (USA) “Force Majeure” Review – What Happened to the Spark?

Okay folks, I’m gonna be honest  and tell you right up front that this is not going to be an easy review for me. Tonight’s episode of  Fairly Legal , called "Force Majeure," is unfortunately my least favorite yet. I can’t say that I hated it, but it just was just sort of…..I don’t know, blah. Not fantastic and not horrible either. Heck if it was horrible at least I could come up here and scream and holler but I don’t feel energetic enough about it to do that. First up, the legal storyline – about a woman who is falsely accused of possessing drugs – didn’t do a whole heck of a lot for me. Lauren’s storyline didn’t do much for me either, though I have a strong suspicion that’s probably because I really had my heart set on Tahmoh Penikett returning to be her love interest. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal Review: Not Officially Anything

When I said disaster was looming for Kate and Justin in my review of the previous episode of Fairly Legal , I had no idea there would be so much potential for it in the very next episode. " Force Majeure " didn't deliver the upcoming implosion of Justin and Kate's relationship that I'm fairly sure is coming, but it damn near ended Justin's political career. The concert showed the differences between Justin and Kate's personalities. Kate was swooning over the music but he seemed indifferent. Justin wanted to head home because of an early meeting but Kate begged to keep the party going.   Read More.... //

Fairly Legal “Borderline” Review – Ben is My Hero

In this episode of  Fairly Legal , called "Borderline," they managed to do something I never thought would happen; they made me fall out of love with one character and in love with another. In the first season of this series, I thought Kate – even with her many issues – was a great person and I liked her a lot. And while I don’t think she’s an evil or terrible person now, those same issues – now that I can see their effects on another – are becoming a bit more trying. Plus, she’s now competing for my affection; with one very handsome and charming (though yes, admittedly, an occasional jerk) Ben. At this point there is no contest. My new love on Fairly Legal is Ben. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal Review: Disaster's Looming

" Borderline " had Kate Reed headed in a direction that a year ago would have made me very happy. But fast forward to the present and that same decision left me cold. When Kate told Justin she was looking for a casual fling between them with no complications you could tell by the look on his face that he wanted more. He's wanted more from the very beginning of the show but being back in Kate's bed made agreeing to her terms worth it. Still, I knew that wouldn't last long. Read More... //

Fairly Legal Review: A Basket Full of Crazy

" Shattered " picked up just a few days after last week's Fairly Lega l delivered a heart breaking ending and it looked like Ben was still scrambling. The poor guy was begging Leo to keep his mouth shut about his futile attempt to track down Kate when she never showed for their date. Leave it to Leo to have some fun with it in this Fairly Legal quote ...  //

Fairly Legal “Shattered” Review – Ben or Justin? How Will Kate Choose?

In this episode of  Fairly Legal , called "Shattered," Kate is mediating a case that ends up being a lot more complicated than it first appears. In other words , it’s pretty much business as usual for her once again. A nurse is being blamed for a man’s broken hip and the one witness they have to prove that the nurse is innocent also just happens to be a woman who is a wanted fugitive for a bombing twenty years ago. Oh and Ben’s ex-girlfriend is the one trying to sue the nurse. See? Like I said – completely normal. Speaking of Ben and Kate, I am so confused I don’t know exactly what to think about this whole situation. Do I want Kate and  Ben to get together? Or do I want Kate and Justin to get back together? If you’d ask me this question a couple of episodes ago, the answer would have been simple – Kate and Justin all the way. But the more we’ve learned about Ben, the more he’s grown on me. And last week when Kate was all excited for their date, I started seeing how they could maybe be good together. But then she slept with Justin and now we have ourselves a classic lover’s triangle. I guess I should be happy. The fact that I like both of them means that whichever guy she ends up with, I’ll be happy, right? Though the fact that I like both of them also means that whichever guy she ends up hurting, I’m going to feel heartbroken for them. Dangit, I just can’t win. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal Review: Running Into the Storm

Kate, Kate, Kate.  Just when I thought Kate Reed's life couldn't get more complicated, in " Kiss Me Kate " she found a way to make more of a mess of it. After the kiss between Kate and Ben on last week's Fairly Legal , Kate was obviously reeling and Ben was seriously smitten.  I wasn't sure about Ben at the start of this season but that besotted look on his face was damn cute. His whole face lit up when Kate agreed to their date. Unfortunately Kate Reed couldn't simply go to dinner with a guy who liked her. Her mind was in overdrive and fear drove her to make a bad decision as she literally jumped into bed with Justin. Two weeks ago I was still rooting for a reconciliation between Justin and Kate. I looked forward to them talking about what killed their marriage and why Justin had a one night stand. I'd hoped maybe they could find their way back to one another. Read More... //

Fairly Legal “Kiss Me Kate” Review – What is Kate Thinking??

In tonight’s episode of  Fairly Legal , called "Kiss Me Kate," Kate really, really pissed me off. I’m sorry to be crass but there’s really no better way to put that. Kate is asked by judge Nicastro to mediate a contract negotiation between the union and the Bay City Metro. And while she handles that entire situation with her usual wit and professionalism, it’s her personal life that needs some help. Still reeling mentally from the kiss with Ben and not sure what to make of it, Kate does her best to avoid Ben so she doesn’t have to think or talk about it. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal Review: Hope Hurts

While last week's Fairly Lega l annoyed me, " Ripple of Hope " almost had me in tears. Finally, Kate was actually negotiating. It's felt like she hasn't done much of that this season. With most of her cases it's been as though she's picked a side. With Ben's help, the hunger strike issues felt a bit more balanced.  Whether you agreed with the warden or not, she wasn't kidding about having to watch every dime of the prison's budget and get approvals that probably had her jumping through the seven rings of hell, even for something as basic as food. Read More... //