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A Beginner's Guide to Anime Part 2

So you're interested in watching anime? Or at least curious enough about it to read this article. Congratulations! Anime is one of the largest growing genres on television. Right now is the perfect time to start watching. Like I said in my previous article , this hybrid of art and storytelling is soooo worth checking out! Below are six popular anime I believe any beginner will love. Each of these series is a great place for any novice or newbie to start! If science fiction is your thing try Steins;Gate This science fiction anime is the best time travel story you'll ever see. I'm including Back To The Future in that statement so you know that I'm serious! Watching scientist Rintaro Okabe toy with time travel and pay the price is a truly resonant experience. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll love every second of it. Steins; Gate is impossible not to love after you've seen the end of the second episode. If horror is your thing, try Tokyo Ghoul Cannibalism, ghouls, fight scenes, and a heavy dose of blood make this anime one of the goriest. But it is also very, very good, not to mention popular. In a world with Ghouls, human lookalikes that feast on flesh, no human is safe. If you can handle something dark with more than a little bite ;) try this one out! If action, adventure, and long running series are your thing, try Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki is a soul reaper. His job is to help spirits pass on to the Soul Society and to vanquish any threats with his huge zanpakuto (sword). This anime has it all. Awesome sword fighting scenes, tons of jokes, a great soundtrack, an intriguing plot, tons of dynamic characters and best of all over 350 episodes!!! If you like fantasy, magic and silliness try Fairy Tail If you like kitties, magic, silly humor, or uplifting shows about friendship you have to check out the adorably cute Fairy Tail . It tells the story of Lucy Heartfilia, a wizard just coming into her own, as she joins the best magical guild in all of Fiore. Together with her Fairy Tail guild mates, they use their magic and go on tons of crazy adventures. A favorite in the anime community due to the large number of episodes, merchandise, and fans! If you like shows that are intelligent, thought provoking, slick, and addictive try Durarara!! This classic anime gained popularity while it was shown on Adult Swim's Toonami block. Telling the story of three high school friends living in a city filled with secrets, Durarara!! is my very favorite anime. Filled with all sorts of classic anime tropes, each character is a revelation. Whether it's universally loathed/loved Izaya Orihara, the magnanimous Shizuo Heiwajima, or headless rider/dullahan Celty Sturluson, Durarara always has an exciting story to tell. If you like your shows kid friendly, cute, and filled with stunning visuals try Little Witch Academia Netflix's Little Witch Academia is delightful to watch. Young Witch Akko has just been accepted to the magic school of her dreams. Unfortunately, she's the least talented in her class. But with determination and heart, she is determined to become an inspiration just like her idol Shiny Chariot. The second season of this amazing show was just recently released. I wholeheartedly recommend every anime on this list and hope you find the right one that gets you hooked! Let me know how you liked them in the comments below. p { text-align: justify; }

FUNimation Adds ‘Fairy Tail’ Lucy Anime Character Clip

FUNimation’s bringing out two sets of  Fairy Tail  in close succession with Part 5 coming out this past month in July and Part 6 due in just a couple of weeks. In between that, they’re bringing out a few character profile clips as well to make some of the diverse cast of characters a bit more accessible and the latest on is Lucy. She’s described thus: Lucy may still be learning the ropes as a celestial wizard, but she’s got a lot of heart, and a big….attitude! Read More... //

First ‘Fairy Tail X Rave’ Anime Promo Revealed

While we’ve got some time before the new sequel series for  Fairy Tail  arrives, fans get to have another dose of the characters in a crossover with  Rave Master , which is also from the same creator. Based on the one-shot story from 2011,  Fairy Tail X Rave Master  is set for an August 16th release in Japan on DVD that’s bundled with the 39th volume of the manga. Read More... //

New ‘Fairy Tail’ Anime Clip Delves Into Rivalries

As FUNimation nears the July 23rd release of the fifth part of  Fairy Tail  with the  Fairy Tail: Part 5 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)  release, they’ve brought out another clip this week to showcase the dub and the silly side of the show, which is a decent part of it all. This time around we get to see what some of the characters view as their rivalries, though of course some things are a bit more inanimate than others… Read More... //

FUNimation Promos Upcoming ‘Fairy Tail’ Part 6 Anime DVD/BD Release

FUNimation hasn’t released the fifth part of the  Fairy Tail  series yet, though they’re certainly promoting it, and now we’ve got a look at  Fairy Tail: Part 6  from the company. This release lands on August 20th, 2013, which is just under a month from the fifth part. Similar to the way they powered through the releases before for a couple of the seasons, they’re going hard and fast with  Fairy Tail  to get more of it into fans hands as quickly as possible. Check out the dub trailer they’ve just released below. Read More... //

FUNimation Releases ‘Fairy Tail’ Part 5 Anime Opening Sequence

FUNimation is getting itself in the right mindst for the July 23rd release of  Fairy Tail: Part 5 Blu-ray/DVD Combo  by offering up the opening theme for the next season of the series. The show hasn’t been away too awful long overall between releases but it has a nice little recap comedy bit at the start before launching into the opening sequence itself, which sadly isn’t subtitled. Read More... //

‘Fairy Tail’ Anime OAD Promo Revealed

Though fans have lamented the end of the  Fairy Tail  TV series, new chapters and volumes continue to roll out in Japan for the manga. And coming up with the 38th volume of the series will be a special edition bundled OAD which is filly with swimsuits and fanservice to please the fans. This marks the fifth OAD For the series and brings back the TV series cast for an adventure that adapts the 298th chapter of the manga with something that’s all about the fun, and something that original mangaka Hiro Mashima indicates will be “sexier than the regular anime.” Read More... //

Pony Canyon Sets Japanese Release For ‘Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Princess’ Blu-ray Anime Feature

While the TV series is drawing to a close in the next week, there’s still some  Fairy Tail  things going on over in Japan. The latest news to hit is that Pony Canyon will be distributing the August 2012 release of  Fairy Tail: Houoo no Miko  on May 24th, though at the moment it seems like they’re only doing it on Blu-ray with a limited edition clocking in at 6,090 yen and a regular edition for 3,990 yen. The limited edition is getting undetermined extras at this time but will have a new box designed by manga creator Hiro Mashima as well as a booklet. Read More... //

‘Fairy Tail’ Anime Drawing To A Close – For Now?

According to a confirmed report via  ANN , the ongoing series  Fairy Tail  looks like it’s about to come to a close at the end of March just as the new spring season gears up. Information was revealed via Kodansha’s TV Magazine that the series will air its final episode on March 30th, 2013. The show has typically gotten its renewal news in the fall of each year, with the series originally premiering back in October of 2009, but no such notice came last year which has left fans wondering what the fate of the show would be.  Read More... //

‘Fairy Tail’ OAD Anime Promo Released

Clocking in at just over ninety seconds, a new promo has surfaced for the just released  Fairy Tail  OAD episode that is being storyboarded by Hiro Mashima for the latest installment of the manga. This is the third OAD to be produced for the franchise with it being attached to a special edition version of the graphic novel release in Japan and involves the group dealing with a book that appearsa to let them travel back in time. Check out the silliness below. Read More... //