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'Faking It' series finale: It was always about Karmy

'We left it all on the playing field,' showrunner Carter Covington says...   Read More... //

Faking It Season 3 Premiere Review: This May Be the Show's Richest Season Yet

By not sweeping the latest drama between Amy and Karma under the rug, the series is actually doing some of its finest work in Season 3. ...  Read More... //

Faking It Season Premiere Recap: #SorryNotSorry

Tuesdays Faking It season premiere reunited Karma and Amy after a life-changing summer apart and it turns out they both haveveryaccounts ofhow they left things. For starters, Karma was expecting her (former?) bestie to return home with an apology in addition to her fresh new perspective on life, of course but as [] //

'Faking It' recap: 'The Deep End'

Let's talk about that Karmy kiss.   Read More... //

'Faking It' recap: 'Nuclear Prom'

It's prom night and no one's here to make friends.   Read More... //

'Faking It' recap: 'Faking It...Again'

Amy and Karma are faking it...again.    Read More... //

'Faking It' recap: 'Saturday Fight Live'

The gloves are coming off.   Read More... //

'Faking It' recap: 'Future Tense'

Honesty costs Amy big time.   Read More... //

'Faking It' recap: 'The Revengers: Age of Monocle'

Revenge is on the menu, and everybody wants a piece.   Read More... //

'Faking It' recap: 'Stripped'

Everyone still has too many secrets at Hester High.   Read More... //