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Falling Skies: Season 5 Review

A season that had a solid start was hampered by unfortunate pacing issues and a rushed conclusion.   Read More... //

Last Nights Falling Skies Finale Actually Depressed The Hell Out of Me

The human race is doomed. Thats what I take away from the final episode of Falling Skies , in which the human race is saved in such a slapdash and unconvincing manner, you sense that everyone concerned felt as though humanity actually deserves to perish. God, this show. What the hell happened?   Read More...     //

Falling Skies Series Finale Review: To the Inept Go the Spoils

The final battle for Earth begins! And ends! Cue the speeches-- not that Tom's ever needed an excuse for THAT.   Read More... //

Falling Skies: Series Finale Review

Tom Mason and the 2nd Mass embark on their final battle against the Espheni.   Read More... //

Falling Skies: "Reunion" Review

The end of the war is in sight but Tom has to deal with a couple of unexpected variables first.   Read More... //

Falling Skies "Reunion" Review: Weapons of Mass Discussion

In the middle of preparations for the final attack on the Espheni, the 2nd Mass got a surprise visit that threatened to tear them apart. Again.   Read More... //

Falling Skies: Let's Talk About "Stalag 14th Virginia"

Aliens are attacking, the world is ending, but hey, let's take time to court marshal the freaks.   Read More... //

Falling Skies: "Stalag 14th Virginia" Review

With the Mason family in terrible danger, Tom and Dan must find a way to convince the Stalag 14th to turn against their commanding officer.   Read More... //

Falling Skies: "Everybody Has Their Reasons" Review

Tom and the 2nd Mass encounter unexpected allies on the road to Washington.   Read More... //

Falling Skies: What Did You Think of "Everybody Has Their Reasons"?

Tom was reunited with his family/army and the slow crawl toward Washington continued. Oh, and there were aliens.   Read More... //