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Fox Fall Premiere Dates: Here's When Last Man Standing, Empire and More Return

Fox has revealed its 2018 fall premiere dates. Are you ready for some football (and also 9-1-1 and Empire )? New comedy Rel -- which stars Get Out 's Lil Rel Howery -- will kick things off with a special preview after an NFL doubleheader on Sunday, Sept. 9, before moving to its regular time after   ...Read More...

Family Guy Showrunners On Edgy Emmy Mailers, Kevin Spacey & Harvey Weinstein Predictions & Season 17 Details Q&A

Its been almost a decade since Family Guy started an Emmy campaign tradition with its tongue-and-cheek mailers that urge TV Academy members to vote for the animated comedy series via some not-so-subtle messages.Over the years, Family Guy 's designated Emmy pitchman,Peter Griffin, as well as Stewie have channeled anyone from Barack Obama and Donald Trump toKellyanne Conway, Gov. Chris Christie and the girl from Precious in the 2010 mailer that declared "Vote For Us Or   ...Read More...

Family Guy First Look: Peter Meets God in Finale, Asks Some 'Tough Questions'

Peter Griffin has had his share of religious experiences over the years remember when he inspired Jesus big comeback in 08? but nothing compares to Sundays Family Guy season finale (Fox, 9/8c). The episode which, of course, istitled Are You There, God? Its Me, Peter finds Peter hero slipping into a []

Don't Worry, Bob's Burgers and Family Guy Will Be Back

  In one of the most low-key renewal announcements ever, Fox confirmed that Family Guy and Bob's Burgers will return next season. In fact, they're already in production, which probably should have been a dead giveaway that they would be back. But unless you hear it officially, it ain't official. Now  ...Read More...

Family Guy First Look: The Guys Lose a Precious Member of Their Squad

Peter Griffins friend group has undergone a few changes over the years remember when Cleveland took a four-year leave of absence to star in his own spinoff? but Sundays Family Guy (Fox, 9/8c) shakes things up like never before. I could beat around the bush all day, but Ill cut straight to the []

Family Guy Exclusive: Check Out Peter as an Annoying Millennial

  No one is safe from the satire (and straight-up meanness) of Family Guy , so it's hard to believe that the show hasn't gone after hipster millennials yet, but that ends soon, according to these photos from Sunday's episode. In "HTTPete," Peter decides to help promote the brewery by going after craft   ...Read More... ...

Family Guy Sneak Peek: Peter's New Millennial Lifestyle Takes a Tragic Turn

Like a big, fat chameleon, Peter Griffin has managed to infiltrate countless social groups over the years remember when he was gay for almost an entire episode? but his stint as a millennial will surely prove to be one of his darkest. Sundays Family Guy (Fox, 9/8c) finds Peter adopting a younger lifestyle []

Family Guy Takes On Harvey Weinstein & Kevin Spacey Scandals In Emmy Mailer

Family Guy s designated Emmy pitchman,Peter Griffin, is back on duty this year with another current events reference in his blunt message to voters. Referring to a scene on the animated comedy about Kevin Spacey and a comment made by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane about Harvey Weinsetin both years before the sexual harassment scandals involving the Hollywood heavyweights hit last fall. We predicted Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weisntein. Open DVD to see whos next,   ...Read More...

First Look: Family Guy Unearths Unseen Episodes From the '50s and Beyond

Family Guy has a well-documented history of skirting around issues like time and space, but Sundays installment (Fox, 9/8c) takes that concept to a whole new level. The episode, titled Family GuyThrough the Years, imagines that the show which, as we know it, began in 1999 has actually been on for more than []

Family Guy Exclusive: Peter Gets in Another Chicken Fight

  Family Guy 's Peter Griffin is well known to have beef (fights) with poultry (chickens), as has been documented by his epic battles with one particular overgrown bird. But that anger towards the feathered farm animals extends to more than just Ernie the Giant Chicken.   ...Read More...