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Family Guy Will Address Stewie's Sexuality in March Episode

Stewie Griffin is finally sitting down for a long-overdue therapy session. As previously reported, Sir Ian McKellen will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Family Guy as the voice of Stewies therapist. And in a recent interview with TVLine, executive producer Rich Appel revealed that Stewies sexuality is among the topics theyll be addressing []

'Family Guy' Showrunner Rich Appel Re-Ups With 20th TV (Exclusive)

The writer swears his allegiance to the studio, where he's been since 1997, in the midst of its sale to Disney.   ...Read More...

Family Guy and The Nightmare Before Christmas Leaving Netflix in February 2018

Out with the old and in with the new! On Tuesday, Netflix announced several original series--including Altered Carbon, Coach Snoop and Queer Eye--are scheduled to premiere in February...   ...Read More...

Family Guy EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Death, Explains 300th Episode's Homage to The Fast and the Furious

Family Guys 300th episode was, for lack of a better word,stuffedwith drama. After accidentally eating (most of) Rupert in a drunken stupor, Brian accompanied Stewie to Vermont to spread his beloved toys ashes, learning a lot about their relationship along the way most notably that Stewies attachment to Rupert stemmed from a deep-seated insecurity []

Family Guy EP Previews Brian and Stewie's Emotional Journey in 300th Episode Watch a Sneak Peek

Family Guy is peeling back yet another layer of the complicated onion that is Brian and Stewies relationship. Sundays episode (Fox, 9/8c) marks the comedys 300th outing, which begins innocently enough with Peter making the acquaintance of his favorite cereal mascot then takes a dark turn when Brian does something unspeakable to Stewies []

Family Guy gang dishes as show marks 300th episode

Family Guy marks its landmark 300th episode this Sunday at 9 p.m. on Fox and, somewhere in the cartoon universe, Quahog residents will be gathering in The Drunken Clam to toast the hometown Griffin family. But, before that happens, there appears to be trouble on the shows Rhode Island horizon heading into Sunday nights...   ...Read More...

How 'Family Guy' Called Out Kevin Spacey and Brett Ratner Way Before #MeToo

"The writers have always had very open ears," says Seth MacFarlane. ...Read More...

'Family Guy' Hits 300 F---ing Episodes: Seth MacFarlane and Co. Talk Legacy and Fox Future Under Disney

Creators and producers recall departed guest stars, the backstories behind those prescient sex predator callouts, Fox's strange ethical boundaries and much more.   ...Read More...

Family Guy Sneak Peek: Brian Falls Head Over Paws for Amanda Seyfried

Brian Griffins new girlfriend is a total dog and we couldnt be happier for him. Following a string of unsuccessful attempts at romancing human women most recently his co-worker at a suicide hotline, voiced by Kristen Bell Brian is finding romance with one of his own species on Sundays Family Guy (Fox, []

A Family Guy-The Orville Crossover May Be in the Works

  Family Guy stars Seth MacFarlane , Seth Green , Mila Kunis and Rachael MacFarlane (doing an admirable job filling in as Lois for the absent Alex Borstein ), plus producers Travis Bowe, Rich Appel, Alec Sulkin and Cherry Chevapravat-Dumrong descended on the Television Critics Association winter press   ...Read More... ...