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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 2 Review: Foxx in the Men House

It's a wonder Peter has any friends at all. On Family Guy Season 16 Episode 2 , Peter decides that the guys are too lame to be his friends after he meets a paramedic who he thinks is the epitome of cool. Peter should be celebrating Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe every chance he gets. They have to be the only people besides Lois who would ever tolerate his poor behavior.   ...Read More...

Family Guy Season 16 Episode 1 Review: Emmy-Winning Episode

It's no surprise that Family Guy has never won an Emmy. If it ever did, the people who voted for it probably wouldn't be able to look themselves in the mirror the next morning. It doesn't fit the criteria. It's not snobby, it doesn't have a deep social message to convey, and it lacks diversity. But that doesn't matter to Peter. He wants the show to win an Emmy anyway and on Family Guy Season 16 Episode 1 he tries to fit the show into a mold it will never be able to conform to.   ...Read More...

Family Guy: "The Boys In The Band" Review

The opening moments of "The Boys in the Band" didn't exactly fill me with hope for Family Guy's 15th season. That initial cutaway gag, with Willy Wonka making inappropriate overtures to young Charlie Bucket, is exactly the sort of cheap, shock-driven humor this show relies on far too often. Luckily, that gag wasn't indicative of the episode's overall quality. Typically lousy cutaway humor aside, "The Boys in the Band" turned out to be a pretty enjoyable start to the new season. Like so many episodes before it, this one hinged heavily on the Stewie/Brian dynamic. The pairing worked in this case because the characterization was a little less extreme than it's tended to be in recent seasons. Less "Stewie making nonstop homosexual passes at Brian" and "Brian being a pompous know-it-all" and more of the two simply hanging out and hatching a new scheme together. It definitely helped that this latest scheme involved forming a Wiggles-esque band called "Red Shirt, Blue Shirt" and going on tour. Musical numbers are often where Family Guy stands out the most. One of the reasons the Season 14 finale, "Road to India," was so disappointing was the lack of musical numbers that are usually so prominent in the "Road to..." episodes. "The Boys in the Band," whether intentional or not, felt like an apology for that episode. READ MORE...

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 20 Review: Road to India

Wow. Family Guy. Just wow. After watching %0D%0A on-14/road-to-india/">F amily Guy Season 14 Episode 20 , one thing is for sure, Family Guy has pretty much become like that old aunt who just doesn't care anymore. You're repelled by her, but yet you can't stay away. I really didn't think there would be an episode that could top Family Guy Season 14 Episode 10 , but "Road to India" did. It was hilarious from beginning to end.   Read More...   //

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 19 Review: Run, Chris, Run

Skinny Jeans and sparkling water. One Direction made a short, but sweet, appearance on Family Guy Season 14 Episode 19 when they joined Stewie and Simon Cowell in a spooky story campfire cutaway.   Read More...   //

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 18 Review: The New Adventures of Old Tom

Mindless entertainment indeed. If only Family Guy Season 14 Episode 18 was as amusing as the movie it tried to parody. Not that Paul Blart: Mall Cop was that great a movie to begin with. And, yes, there were some clever references to other movies (Silence of the Lamb was one) as well, but those still didn't help this installment move out of flatline mode. It's not that it was all horrible. It just felt like it was trying too hard.   Read More...   //

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 17 Review: Take A Letter

So, Cleveland has a job. While that wasn't the main focus of Family Guy Season 14 Episode 17 , his bits were the most entertaining. It's hard to believe that Cleveland's small part was better than Stewie's subplot. It certainly was surprising to find Cleveland behind the desk when Lois went to mail her letter. I always thought his job was just to sit at the Clam and drink and gossip with the guys.   Read More...   //

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 16 Review: Heartbreak Dog

Sometimes people do stupid things when they feel sorry for themselves. On Family Guy Season 14 Episode 16 , Bonnie kisses Brian because he's there to comfort her at the right time, and Meg starts stealing old people's things when she gets treated poorly. Neither were trying to be vindictive in their choices....   Read More...   //

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 15 Review: A Lot Going on Upstairs

There certainly was a lot going on upstairs, and Brian was at the center of it all. On Family Guy Season 14 Episode 15 , Brian helps Stewie defeat his dream monster and helps Peter discover his new man cave. And, as expected, things get a bit...silly....   Read More...   //

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 14 Review: Underage Peter

What would Peter do if he couldn't drink? It's not something he has to worry about for too long on Family Guy Season 14 Episode 14 , especially when he has a best friend like Brian to save his drinking days. Though, it does seem that Peter is a pretty good knitter.   Read More...   //