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Family Guy Review: Breaking Really Bad

Really, I don't quite know how an episode of Family Guy that's a vague take on Breaking Bad by having the Griffins sell meth could be so dull. But somehow, " Farmer Guy " managed to pull it off. It's one of the more mediocre and disappointing half-hours of this season. Read More... //

Family Guy Season 11 Review “Farmer Guy”

As my loyal readers and fellow "Family Guy" watchers know, it’s been an up-and-down season, but lately they’ve been on a pseudo-roll, with the near-classic "Total Recall" and the decent "Save the Clam." Well, I’m happy to say the third time was the charm, as what we have here is nothing less than one for the books- a bona fide classic episode, "Farmer Guy." I grew up on a steady diet of silliness than to my friends and family, who introduced me to the likes of Monty Python, Mel Brooks and Zucker-Abrahams at a pretty early age. I think the kind of humor you get into as a kid tends to shape your sense of humor as an adult, and the stuff I watched was typified by a fast-and-furious, throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks rapid fire kind of comedy, and I would certainly include the likes of Looney Tunes in there as well. READ MORE...

Family Guy Season 11 Review “Save the Clam”

After last week’s return to form, I had high hopes for the latest episode of "Family Guy"- perhaps unrealistically, given that it’s a show that’s been on so long- but nonetheless, I had my fingers crossed for the best. What I got with "Save the Clam" was slightly less than stellar, but not so bad, all things considered. We started with the rare animated show death, but there was a method to the madness. Peter and the gang were playing a game of softball- "There’s nothing an un-stretched middle-aged body likes more than explosive movements," proclaimed Peter, ominously- when local "ringer" Jerome literally killed Horace, the bartender/owner of The Drunken Clam with a hit to the skull with a ball. Ouch! READ MORE...

Family Guy Review: Wicked Comebacker

There's a good chance that when you expected to see Family Guy's latest episode " Save the Clam " you instead got Bob's Burgers . Worse things have happened. However, this mixup was due to a NASCAR race running way over, so everything got pushed back about 25 minutes or so for Eastern and Central time zones. So if you recorded American Dad then you got to see this episode with the death of Horace, the long-time bartender of The Drunken Clam. The episode is largely a pedestrian affair, so if you miss it, it's not the worst thing in the world, but it at least is a decent half-hour, even if it doesn't go anywhere outside of the character death. Read More... //

Family Guy Review: Island of Misfit Toys

Family Guy is a show that is at its best when it dials down the misanthropy and turns up the emotional sweetness. The later seasons have had a misanthropic streak that just brings the whole show down when it's overdone. The dark humor of the show works best when there's something to offset it. Thankfully," Total Recall " shows that the emotional core of the series is still alive and well.I Read More... //

Family Guy Season 11 Review “Total Recall”

Love was in the air on "Family Guy" this week, but this being the show that it is, not without some unusual kinks involved, in the latest episode, entitled "Total Recall." Alas, despite that title, it was not an extended homage to the film of the same name, a la their takes on "Star Wars." Instead, we started off with a weird opening bit that eschewed the usual theme song bit for a series of photographs of the various characters. I’m going to assume that it’s a pop culture reference I don’t get because it’s from the 70?s or something, although the show has eased off that sort of thing as of late. (If you know, feel free to chime in below.) READ MORE...

Family Guy Season 11 Review “Bigfat”

On the latest episode of "Family Guy," things got off to an exceptionally strong start, with one of the show’s best cold openings of all time in "Bigfat." First, we saw our beloved family interacting with another of the night’s line-up, the gang from "American Dad," ending with that show’s Stan shooting Peter to death after he blabbed about Roger being an alien to Quagmire! That turned out to be a dream that led to another, decidedly more unexpected one, in which we saw the dearly departed Hank Hill, of "King of the Hill" fame, come into the room, see Peter and say: "Lois, what’s that fat man doing in our bed?" Cue a spoof of the "King of the Hill" opening, with some of the "Family Guy" gang subbing for Hank and the boys, and then the proper show began in earnest. (The whole dream within a dream thing could also be said to itself be a spoof of the infamous "Newhart" one as well, making this a bit of a triple-decker spoof.) READ MORE...

Family Guy Review: That Peter Ain't Right

Family Guy 's newest episode " Bigfat " is pretty much all downhill. It starts off with a sudden American Dad crossover but was at least entertaining because hey, American Dad is a good show. Then, it turned into a dream sequence with Hank Hill before eventually becoming a Family Guy homage to the King of the Hill title sequence. Gotta love it. Read More... //

Family Guy Season 11 Review “12 and a Half Angry Men”

There was this lesson I had in school in which the teacher talked about how there were only so many plots in the history of literature, and that writers had basically been doing variations on them since time out of mind. The trick, she said, was not in the plot- after all, it’s literally all been done before – but in the telling of the tale. One would think that the boundless realm of animation might be exempt from such rules, but one would be wrong. I found myself remembering a classic episode of "South Park," entitled "The Simpsons Already Did It," a brilliant deconstruction of the wall writers come up against when trying to create something original. With every turn the characters in the episode made, it was pointed out that the television show "The Simpsons" had already used that plot point before. It was a funny metaphor, but also true. It really is hard to create something new out of something old that’s been done a billion times before. READ MORE...

Family Guy Season 11 Review “Turban Cowboy”

On the latest episode of "Family Guy," Peter found a new friend, in the amusingly-titled "Turban Cowboy." Or did he? (First, he found a new frond, actually: "Do we stagger our waves or do ‘em at the same time?" Peter asked, as he learned the rules of the trade of waving big plant leaves at an emperor-type.) The new pal was named Mahmoud, and Peter met him after a series of amusing sky-diving fails that had him flattening everything from an unsuspecting Meg to a ninja to a game of "Angry Birds" finally landed him in the hospital, figuratively if not literally- though, come to think of it, that would have saved him some time. I liked the joke about the popular phone-based game: "Stop smiling! 90% of the people playing this are pooping!" And the bit with Harrison Ford was funny, too: "Get off my plane!" (Not to mention the gag that Calista Flockhart was a piece of paper.) READ MORE...