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'Family Tools' Review: Don't Watch This Show

For some unknown reason, network TV executives are convinced that Kyle Bornheimer is destined to be a huge sitcom star. In 2008 he starred in CBS' Worst Week (cancelled after 16 episodes). In 2010 he starred in ABC's Romantically Challenged (cancelled after four episodes). And in 2011, he starred in NBC's Perfect Couples (cancelled after 11 episodes). Now he's in ABC's new comedy Family Tools , premiering Wednesday, May 1 at 8:30pm. But surely this time he'll finally break through, right? Read More... //

Television review: 'Family Tools' still retooling

ABC's new sitcom about a ne'er-do-well son who takes over his ailing dad's home repair business gets a much-needed makeover between the pilot and first episode. Television is an unusually fluid art. Because a TV series exists in time, over time, change and revision are in its blood. It's as if painters went back to work on their paintings after they were hung in museums. Read More... //,0,2625971.story