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Keri Russell and Scott Speedman Reunite and They Can't Avoid the Felicity Revival Questions

Felicity and Ben are living on! Close to 15 years after Felicity came to an end, Keri Russell and Scott Speedman remain close friends. In fact, the pair was able to reunite on more than... ...Read More... //

Screen Queens: Keri Russell

You know her now as complicated Russian spy Elizabeth Jennings in The Americans . You knew her then as romantically confused college student Felicity Porter in Felicity . But did you watch her dance her tail off alongside future Oscar nominees and pop stars on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club ? In this tribute to the Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress, we're going way, way back to highlight Keri Russell's full television journey, from Disney to Ruskie.   Keri! The All-New Mickey Mouse Club often is celebrated as a training ground for several of the world's biggest pop stars, but it also was an early home to some of today's best actors. On the show from 1991 to 1993, Russell was one of the middle-year cast members who got to overlap with both the OG kids (Jennifer, Lindsey) and the new additions (Britney, Justin).   Russell was featured more as a dancer and sketch performer, but occasionally she got to talk-sing her way through a performance, like in this "hot version" of "You Showed Me."   Here she is serving early-'90s realness in one of the show's getting-to-know-you segments. "Check it!"   The Girlfriend Russell's post- MMC career slid into a steady series of guest spots on successful shows and lead roles on not-so-successful shows. In nearly all of them, she played a specific type: the blonde bombshell love interest. She was Mr. Feeny's niece and Eric's crush in Boy Meets World in 1993, Bud Bundy's date in a 1995 episode of Married With Children , and a rule-breaking friend of Camille's in 7th Heaven in 1997. That same year, Russell appeared in a couple of episodes of FOX's fantasy-adventure series Roar, macking on a young Heath Ledger.   She also was one of the daughters in Dudley Moore's quickly canceled CBS comedy, Daddy's Girls .   Her highest-profile gig was in Aaron Spelling's short-lived 1996 soap Malibu Shores . Russell starred alongside fellow MMC alum and real-life boyfriend Tony Lucca as teens from opposite worlds (you know, Malibu and the Valley). Among the other cast members: future Buffy scene-stealer Charisma Carpenter and the other Spelling kid, Randy. (Honestly, imagine if this had been her breakout role instead of Felicity ?)   Felicity "Hey." From 1998 to 2002, Russell starred as University of New York student Felicity Porter, whose four-year love triangle earned the show critical raves and its young star a Golden Globe. With J.J. Abrams at the helm, the show wasn't afraid to take risks in storytelling or tone. This drama was super moody and dark — literally, the lighting was so dim — but also sometimes light and fun. Just like college.   TV Misses After four years anchoring a one-hour broadcast network drama, Russell took some time off before returning to smaller TV projects, such as Into the West and The Magic of Ordinary Days (oddly, both co-starring Skeet Ulrich). Her higher-profile projects were on the big screen, notably Mission: Impossible III in 2006 and the stellar Waitress the following year. Also in 2007, she played Melody, Elliot's sorority sister, on NBC's Scrubs "Damn!"   Russell landed a sweet gig in Mitchell Hurwitz's 2010 collaboration with Arrested Development star Will Arnett, Running Wilde . It lasted just one season, though.   Elizabeth Just when it seemed like TV was not here for her, Russell helped create one of the most fascinating characters on one of the best dramas of arguably television's richest era. As Elizabeth Jennings, a Russian spy trying to keep her identity hidden from her American-born kids and FBI agent neighbor while working through some seriously complicated issues with her KGB-matched husband, Russell is a powerhouse. Whether she's taking on her handler or her daughter, Russell's Elizabeth is one badass boss.   Who's your screen queen? Let us know in the comments below! And check out our other queens: Taraji P. Henson , Lauren Graham , and Regina King . p { text-align: justify; }

The Shows That Made Us Fall in Love With TV

Valentine's Day: a time to open up a nice bottle of red wine and fall into the loving arms of your... favorite TV show. For most normals, television is an occasional treat, but for SideReel's editors, it's a true love. Like all relationships, TV can be challenging ("ugh, so many episodes of Scandal to get through") and it can disappoint (see: Homeland Season 3), but it also can delight. We're all in the throws of great romances with television that go back many years. Here are just a few examples of the series that made us fall in love with TV.     Life Goes On Among the few childhood memories I haven't blocked out is this TV-centric one: In fourth grade, we were finally allowed to pick a musical instrument to learn. A choir kid, I had longed to play music too, so I jumped at the chance and chose the saxophone. It was all so exciting: going to a music store to pay for the instrument, assembling it, figuring out how the reed worked, and finally, learning to play. And then… it was a little less exciting. A total beginner with what some would describe as a patience deficit, it was frustrating fumbling through those first few weeks of lessons. But I persevered! Until practice interfered with my totes fave TV show, Life Goes On . When I was forced to choose between spending my precious Sunday evenings learning how to make musical magic happen by blowing air through a conical brass tube or watching the Thatchers battle every serious social issue the early '90s could throw at a family dramedy, I chose television. Felicity My SideReel bio reads "University of New York, class of '02" for a reason. Felicity is my JAM. I remember being very aware of the show during the summer before it premiered. One of the big entertainment magazines included it among the fall's must-watch new series, and since it was a college drama that coincided with the start of my college drama, I made sure to check it out. And it was good, you guys. So good. It was a show about young people that treated its audience with respect. It made a star out of Keri Russell. It featured THE love triangle. It was super moody and dark — literally, the lighting was so dim — but also sometimes light and fun. You know, like college. And with J.J. Abrams, the show wasn't afraid to take storytelling risks, most of which really paid off. Yes, even the final four episodes, a hard right turn down a sci-fi path that I was living for. Happy Endings I have loved many modern, single-camera comedies, from 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation to Broad City and Catastrophe . But there's one I absolutely adore: Happy Endings . It's the best sitcom of the past 10 years, without a doubt. A highly GIFable, quotable, bingeable series that brought together the absolute perfect cast to play borderline sociopaths who are not always likable but who are completely lovable. The six friends play with 1990s sitcom tropes, but obliterate the traditional boundaries in a refreshingly modern way that still, watching them a few years later, doesn't feel dated. No show has made me laugh out loud as often as this one, and no single television moment has made me laugh as much as Penny's disastrous trip to the car dealership with Jane. The actors and creators have gone on to work on new projects of varying creative and commercial success, but #sorrynotsorry, this will be the career highlight for each.   Smallville You never forget your first. Binge, that is. Two weeks before the fourth season premiere, my family decided it was time to stop catching out-of-order reruns of Smallville and start the series from the beginning. There was no time to lose, so we bought the first three seasons on DVD and dove right in. My life became eating, breathing, and sleeping Smallville . My mother was a ruthless binge leader, watching ahead while I was at school and insisting there was no time to go back and rewatch the episodes I'd missed. We caught up with just minutes to spare before the premiere. And from then on I was hooked. I'd like to say I was in it for my nerdy love of the comic book-inspired storylines or John Glover's nuanced portrayal of Lionel Luthor, but I'm pretty sure most of the magic was generated by the potent combination of my raging 17-year-old hormones with The CW's knack for casting beautiful 30-somethings as high school kids. Tom Welling defined my taste in men for years to come — my parents even nicknamed my first boyfriend Clark Kent. Alas, from that first TV love also came my first heartbreak. What happens to a TV cancellation deferred? The show gets three too many seasons and suddenly what was once a blissful hour of my week felt like a chore. I stuck it out to the bitter end, long after the rest of my friends and family had fallen off the show. I'd like to say this first heartbreak lessened the blow of later shows that went the same way, but in all honesty, it hurt just as bad with The Office and How I Met Your Mother . (And since we're airing grudges, I still haven't forgiven the writers for not running with the Chlois theory. I ship Chlark forever.)   Seinfeld Although I was much too young to be able to fully appreciate the humor of a show about nothing, watching Seinfeld with my family has always been a fond TV memory for me. The subtleties of Jerry’s attempted deadpan delivery were almost always lost on me and I’m fairly certain I didn’t understand most of the jokes (though Elaine’s dancing is universally hilarious). But the nostalgia of my parents’ pee-pants laughter makes re-watching old episodes now even more enjoyable for me. The Sopranos Frequent TV watching was embraced rather than frowned upon while growing up in my family, but for some reason, mafia-related shows were the one off-limits genre, according to my parents. That made my going off to college and having the freedom to binge-watch The Sopranos that much more satisfying to me (thanks, SideReel!). I guess you could say it was my "gateway" show into the addictive world of premium television… and look at me now!   Full House One of the first shows I remember truly loving was Full House . I mean, what young girl wasn't obsessed with the Olsen twins in the early '90s? In fact, I'd argue that Full House profoundly impacted my life in a number of ways. First off, after moving to a new city in third grade, I learned that a girl who lived around the corner from me also loved it, so I went to her house after school one day to watch — and we're still friends nearly 25 years later. I also learned to avoid wearing vests at all costs so you don't accidentally dress like your teacher (I legit stopped wearing vests after watching that episode, at least for a few years). Lastly, I realized from an early age that, at least based on the intro and some B-roll footage, San Francisco seemed like a pretty awesome city. Guess what? I live there now and it's pretty great. (Sadly, I don't own a beautiful Victorian, though.) Thanks, Full House !   We showed you ours; now you show us yours. Which shows give you that warm and fuzzy feeling? Let us know in the comments below! p { text-align: justify; }

Felicity Had TVs Greatest Love Triangle, But No Great Couples

On one hand, Felicity moved across the country to chase after Ben. On the other, Noel convinced her to stay in New York. Ben was the perfect fantasy. Noel understood her as a person. Ben, as played by Scott Speedman, had the hair of a Greek god. Noel (Scott Foley), the kind of smile that makes you feel like he’d get your inside jokes. Also, he has stunning hazel-green eyes, like sunlight filtering through a forest — though, to be fair, Ben has great eyes, too. ....Read More... //

Matthew Rhys Has Never Seen a Full Episode of Felicity

This must change.   Read More... //

WB Week: Felicity - Where Are They Now? - Featured

Felicity was the perfect partner show for Dawson's Creek back in the WB days, both packed with the angst of love, friendship, and everything else so wonderful about teen and college dramas! Felicity has a very interesting cast as some have gone on to good film careers, and others have become big TV stars, so dig in and leave your comments with your favs now and then. Keri Russell - Felicity Porter Keri Russell thankfully recovered from the chia-hair debackle of '99, though it did supposedly cause a big ratings dip in Felicity at the time. But now, with her hair back in full glory, though straightened these days, Russell has returned to acting with a TV movie, then The Upside of Anger in 2005. Later she joined in on Mission: Impossible III, popped up on Scrubs for a few episodes in 2007, and then starred in Waitress . She's continued her film work with August Rush and Bedtime Stories . Russell is set to give voice to Wonder Woman in a 2009 "DVD animated feature." Scott Speedman - Ben Covington After Felicity, Scott Speedman seemed like he might disappear, but he's done well with a film career since landing a role in 2003 film Dark Blue , then Underworld , and the sequel. Also in there he took part in The 24th Day, XXX: State of the Union, and in 2008 he appeared with Liv Tyler in The Strangers , followed by Adoration. He also has further film plans for 2009. Scott Foley - Noel Crane Aw, Noel. The most well-meaning adorable RA of all WB time! Foley also appeared on Scrubs like Felicity co-star Russell (could this have anything to do with our later mentioned Scrubs star??). He's also made a guest appearance on House , appeared in Scream 3 , and is currently on The Unit . Greg Grunberg - Sean Blumberg Though none of us would've guessed it at the time, Greg Grunberg has become one of the biggest breakout stars of Felicity! Like numerous Felicity stars, he appeared on Alias , though he lasted the longest from 2001-2006. He then took a role in Grand Union, a sitcom that clearly didn't take off, then he popped up as a pilot on Lost , had a guest role on House , and finally made it to his biggest hit of all, Heroes where he stars as Matt Parkman! Ian Gomez - Javier Clemente Quintata Ian Gomez, the adorable Javier, went on to appear in multiple films including My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and a bunch of TV shows including appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm , The Drew Carey Show, Lost , and Heroes . I have to say, though, Javier will forever be my favorite character for him! Amy Jo Johnson - Julie Emrick While Amy Jo Johnson was plenty busy as the Pink Power Ranger before her Felicity days, she's been in a few indie movies since Felicity, has released some albums for her singing career, and appeared on What About Brian . She has gotten back into TV since as she's now starring in Flashpoint along with Veronica Mars ' Enrico Colantoni. Donald Faison - Tracy Much like Greg Grunberg, Donald Faison was a small role on Felicity who we didn't expect to be the big stars coming out of this show, but as all Scrubs fans know well, Faison has made quite a name for himself as half of the man-love Scrubs duo, Turk. He's also been in films including Remember The Titans and Uptown Girls .

It's a Girl for Flashpoint's Amy Jo Johnson

Former Felicity and current Flashpoint star Amy Jo Johnson is a first-time mom. The actress and her fiance, Oliver Giner, welcomed a daughter on Monday, Dec. 1, People reports. Francesca Christine arrived at 9:09 pm and weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce. Johnson, 38, stars as sniper Jules Callaghan on CBS' Flashpoint, whose second season will kick off Jan. 9. read from: TvGuide