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  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes
    • s1e25Tape Measure Tips
    • s1e24Make a Paint Cut Bucket
    • s1e23How to Cut Paint in a Straight Line
    • s1e22Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow
    • s1e21Repair Garbage Disposals Safely
    • s1e20Make Your Own Sanding Block
    • s1e19Making a Story Stick
    • s1e18An Old Door Makes a Great Workbench
    • s1e17There's a Better Way: Line-level storage
    • s1e16Video Tip: A big table for a portable tablesaw
    • s1e15There's a Better Way: A work light for cramped conditions
    • s1e14There's a Better Way: Insulation T-lift
    • s1e13There's a Better Way: Prompt Power-Cord Polarity
    • s1e12There's a Better Way: Stud Finder On a Chain
    • s1e11There's a Better Way: Working With Tough, Sticky Tape
    • s1e10There's a Better Way: Tool-Belt Pencil Sharpener
    • s1e9There's a Better Way: Drywall Cutting-Tool Protection Strips
    • s1e8There's a Better Way: Plywood Sheet-Metal Brake
    • s1e7There's a Better Way: Small-Scale Drywall Texturing
    • s1e6There's a Better Way: Cutting Rigid Insulation
    • s1e5There's a Better Way: Third Hand Trick
    • s1e4There's a Better Way: Precision Caulking
    • s1e3There's a Better Way: Minimize Circular-Saw Tearout
    • s1e2There's a Better Way: Custom Drywall Taping Tool
    • s1e1There's a Better Way: Drawing an Ellipse