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Fist of the North Star: The TV Series Complete Series Collection 2 Anime DVD Review

With the second set Kenshiro begins his search for his older adopted brother Toki. The tragedy of the day that the nuclear war begins is shown in Toki’s sacrificing himself for Kenshiro and Yuria despite him having been the superior candidate to the successor of Hokuto Shinken. Toki’s sacrifice cursed him with an illness and shorter life span with which he chose to use his skills to heal others. Hearing this story motivates Kenshiro’s allies to try to find Toki and Mamiya sets out on a journey alone to try to find some news. Kenshiro and Rei catch up with her and discover where Toki is and the three set out to find him. The journey will not be easy as Toki is imprisoned in a city/prison called Cassandra which has been built by a man known as Ken-Oh who seeks to become the ruler of the age. To that end he has taken to capturing martial artists and stealing their techniques in order to bolster his abilities. Kenshiro and company’s arrival is met by those who guard the prison and enforce Ken-Oh’s will with the various methods they will attempt to employ as Ken-Oh has declared that Kenshiro and Toki must never meet. Kenshiro will discover that hope can be a powerful force as can despair in the living hell on Earth. As the group travels back to Mamiya’s village a glimpse into the past is shown regarding Kenshiro and his oldest brother Raoh. The two fought for succession of Hokuto Shinken and the love of Yuria with Raoh coming out the loser on both fronts. While the past is being reveled foreshadows of events are also taking place as some of Kenshiro’s closest allies notice a small star next to the North Star-a star which is said to only appear to those who will die within a year. Read More

Legends of the Dark King Complete Collection Blu-ray Review

Based on the five volume seinen manga series done by Youkow Osada under guidance from the original creators, Legends of the Dark Kings is a thirteen episode series that tells the tale of Raoh. For better or worse, my experience with the Fist of the North Star world is pretty haphazard, but I've come to appreciate it quite a lot after the far too few volumes we saw of the Raijin release earlier this decade. My appreciation of the show is far different from my derision of it back in the early nineties when I was first exposed to it as it had a lot of what I wasn't looking for in animation or anime at that time, especially without the context of the original work. Legends of the Dark King brings us to that period before the original TV series to show us how Raoh began his rise to power and built his kingdom. The structure of the "family" that has grown under Ryuken is certainly confusing at times, but essentially several adopted brothers have undertaken various paths to become the successor, the savior that will be the true Fist of the North Star. To reach that, each has to find the right path to it that will give them what they need. For Raoh, he's intent on bringing this violent and uncontrolled world to peace through force and fear as he believes that this age needs a demon. Years after the nuclear fallout has devastated so much, he finds himself in the position to truly begin achieving this goal along with the help of the brother/sister combination of Souga and Reina. Read More [//www.mania.com/legends-dark-king-complete-collection_article_122174.html Click Me!]

Fist of the North Star: The TV Series Complete Series Collection 1 DVD Review

The prologue to every episode introduces us into the bleak “future” of 199X (the show was made in 1984) where nuclear war has ravaged the land. Mankind has managed to cling to existence but is largely living an existence where water and food are hard to come by and every day is a struggle to survive. As many of the average people cling to the decaying corpses of the previous civilization’s former structures many others have allied themselves with some of the strongest men of the age to form gangs and terrorize the average population. In this hell where the strong prey on the weak the almost vanquished emotion of hope rises as a lone man claws his way out of his own personal hell and stands with the oppressed as he continues down his path bent on revenge against the man who took the most important person in his life. The first arc of the set introduces the audience to the bleak times that the story takes place in. The opening scene is of a gang slaughtering and taking the possessions of a group trying to traverse the wasteland. The gang all have the letter “Z” tattooed on them. The scene shifts to a shot of a lone man walking in the barren expanse. He drops to his knees and starts digging in the sand apparently searching for water before collapsing. In his fatigue the image of a blonde man rising from the sand appears to him and mocks him, causing him to get to his feet. He then sees a vision on the horizon of a woman he calls Yuria as he finds the strength to continue his endeavor. He walks into town only to be accosted by members of the gang with the letter “Z” on them. Read Mroe Click Me!