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Web TV: YouTube Chart Launches, "Fred" Edging Out Tila Tequila

YouTube since its beginnings have had the "Most Viewed" and "Most Subscribed" lists, which still make up part of my daily spots to check. Today though YouTube has rolled out a cleaner interface called YouTube Charts, with a more elegant chart style to actually see which videos are tops on the site today (or this week, month, etc.) What did we learn from today's top videos? Well Phil DeFranco, aka sxephil's rant on Tila Tequila is neck and neck with Fred 's teaser clip from his upcoming movie -- Fred: The Movie. Also nice to see the latest episode of Simon's Cat coming in at number 4 today with 432,00 views. The top video? Well, it's not in English -- Serra Come Todo Mundo - Serra Comedor (Original) -- meaning a language filer is definitely a must-add here to make this really useful. Read more at the source

Web TV: Lucas Cruikshank's YouTube Character Gets Toned-Down for 'Fred: The Movie' on Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is betting the next character to bridge the gap between cool goofy YouTube videos and profitable television shows will be Fred. Just don't be surprised if "Fred: The Movie," which will air Sept. 17, looks less like the random goofy things Fred Figglehorn does on YouTube and more like a rom-com for tweens and young teens. Fred was created four years ago by Lucas Cruikshank, whose ongoing shorts have scored more than 5 million YouTube views. Cruikshank, now 17, told reporters here that "Fred: The Movie" will be a "toned-down" version of the character. Read More at the Source

Web TV: Why Small Business Bloggers Should Learn From YouTube Stars

I stumbled on an interesting update from Yahoo! Finance regarding the independent YouTube stars making over $100,000 a year. As a recap, here is the Top 10 list: 1. Shane Dawson - $315,000. Shane has three YouTube channels: a comedy/parody channel, a vlog and "Ask Shane" series channel, and a channel containing Shane's videos taken from his iPhone. 2. The Annoying Orange - $288,000. The Annoying Orange (my personal favourite!) is a comedy series about talking-fruit-in-a-kitchen. 3. Philip DeFranco - $181,000. Philip hosts The Philip DeFranco Show, containing vlogs about various topics. 4. Ryan Higa - $151,000. Ryan's highlights are the "How to be Ganster" and "How to be Ninja" comedy videos. He has over 2 million subscribers to his channel. 5. Fred - $146,000. Fred ("a lonely six year old named Fred") is a character played by Lucas Cruikshank using his mom's video camera and post the videos on YouTube in a channel. The character is so popular, there will be a Nickelodeon movie based on the Fred character. 6. Shay Carl - $140,000. Shay is a radio DJ posting his comedies on YouTube. 7. Mediocre Films - $116,000. Created by Greg Benson, it is initially for a comedy TV series "Skip TV" now the channel contains low budget comedy videos. 8. Smosh - $113,000. Smosh is a comedy channel with over 1.7 million subscribers hosted by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. 9. The Young Turks - $112,000. It is a political talk show founded and hosted by Cenk Uygur that also airs on Sirius Satellite Radio. 10. Natalie Tran - $101,000. Natalie Tran (YouTube username: communitychannel) is a vlogger with occasional comedy gigs. Her channel is the most popular among all Australian. Read more at the Source