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Freezing Episode #12 - Recap

With the Nova attack going strong and so many of the Pandora warriors having fallen, it's a pretty nasty battle that has unfolded as comrade has gone against possessed comrade, though there have been ways of freeing them from the Nova control. The psychological wound will likely last a long time though, if they survive, and especially for their Limiters as they've mostly been forced to watch on helplessly and to try and get them to safety whenever the opportunity arises. It's definitely an emotional moment for some of them, such as the opening here where Ganessa's Limiter is carrying her, but it feels like too much in the midst of such a bleak scene and the battle itself since they're not defending themselves and are open to attack. Because of how events have unfolded, this episode is largely made up of lots of anger being funneled and channeled into getting ready for the big attack to deal with the Nova before they cause any more grief. There's one somewhat nice moment before the halfway mark where Satellizer, having seen so many other Pandora warriors having fallen, laments that she never made friends with anyone at the school. It's a difficult scene to swallow simply because all we've seen are the other women there heaping abuse upon abuse of her, even more so since Kazuya's arrival and becoming her Limiter, in name only at first no less. For her to suddenly develop feelings for those that have beaten her down so hard, verbally and physically, just doesn't make sense no matter the context here. Read More... //

Freezing Episode #11 - Review

With the actual arrival of the Nova in the previous episode, Freezing became, well, interesting. After almost ten episodes of girls bullying girls and just being plain mean, the threat they're being trained to face has arrived and it's kicking their pretty little asses rather hard. So much so that they've taken down most of their first and second line defenses and absorbed many of them into their ranks, using Pandora Warriors against each other. It's actually a rather nice, chilling sequence we had in the previous episode as the young women realized that their comrades were being used against them now in a very deadly way. It's a difficult situation since you do want to hold out hope that you can save them without hurting them. Much. Read More... //

Freezing Episode #10 - Review

Freezing doesn't shy away from its main point even at times of great duress, such as the opening here with a Nova has arrived at the academy in the late evening when all the girls are in various states of undress or baths, which means lots of foggy or heavily light-covered sequences to give balance to the potential for action and destruction that's about to befall the academy. The Nova do get exploed a bit more here with how they acted in the past, where they'd been able to only stay for a few hours before the dimensional pressures would catch up to them and they'd explode. It's also revealed that they moved and acted as if they were searching for something. This incursion feels very different as they're moving with a definite purpose to them and multiple ones at that. Read More... //

Freezing Episode #09 - Review

Kazuya's life at the academy continues to be a bit awkward as he meets Cathy Lockharte, a very strong young woman there who is a Pandora warrior but also the recipient of his sisters Sacreds after the battle that cost her her life. It turns out she's the one who had invited Kazuya to the academy and is glad that he's there, but she drops an interesting little bomb on him and the others when she tells them that she intends to retire rather than become a fourth year. She wants to move on from this life, which considering how the girls treat each other here you can't blame her, by becoming a novelist and turning over her Sacreds to someone worthy on the campus. By having Kazuya there, it makes sense that she'd possibly think of him as the one for it since it would be in a sense returning his sisters essence to her. Read More... //

Freezing Episode #08 - Review

Sometimes you can read an episode summary and sort of just cringe from it. Such is the case with this weeks episode as it's plain from the start that we're going to take this far too serious show with its mean girls on crack down a different path. After having Satellizer beaten up repeatedly and Kazuya threatened and pushed into unwanted directions, they're all just going to get together for a big dance and everyone will get along fine. Right? Right. Having groused in past episodes about the lack of teachers who stop this kind of bullying from happening when there's supposedly larger issues at stake, you have to wonder what their real intentions are with these kids. And will the dance be the place where all is revealed? You can't really put it past them, can you? Read more... //

Freezing Episode #07 - Review

The introduction of Rana in the previous episode certainly changed the dynamic a bit since, even though she's quite skilled and can be cunning and brutal, she's there with a mission but she has a smile on her face. With so many of the characters, all of them it seems, having been introduced with permanent scowls on their face, she was a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of them. It was little surprise that she got tied to Satellizer as well in a sense as the two are competing for Kazuya's attentions, particularly since Satellizer hasn't exactly gone by the book in working and bonding with her Limiter. Kazuya's a whole other kettle of fish in general since he's got some surprising abilities about him that has others wanting him, so this is only going to get worse as it goes on. Read More... //

Freezing Episode #06 - Review

The arrival of Rana to the school adds a different type of character to the show as she's pretty outgoing, smiling and there with a mission that at first doesn't seem to revolve around taking down the unbeatable queen of Satellizer. Her showing up in the previous episode gave her a nice in with Kazuya though and made things a little more problematic between him and Bridget since she's seemingly making a play of sorts for him. While she's very outgoing and smiling, it belies who she really is as Kazuya relates the tale of how she brutally worked over a Limiter before which caused her to be suspended for a year prior to coming here. With the pretty exterior, there's a brutal interior that could appear at any point. Read More... //

Freezing Episode #05 - Review

With the pairing now informally set as Kazuya and Bridget are together, things are only going to get a lot worse for them after the events of the previous episode and the reveal of how Kazuya can operate. What we've largely learned from the series so far is that the girls of this school, and probably some of the boys as well, are beyond vicious when they're really supposed to be working together to take on the mysterious alien Nova threat that they're facing. While it feels like high school on hyperdrive at times with the cliques and brutality of it all, it's so vicious that it's hard to believe that the faculty would let it ride. Other than the fact that they probably want to weed out those that can't handle things in this form. Which, really, doesn't say much for them. Read More... //

Freezing Episode #04 - Review

Bridget's life has certainly had its ups and downs prior to the series starting from what we can tell, though she's excelled as the untouchable queen. Since the arrival of Aoi though, she's seen more problems than not but also a fair bit of potential as he's very keen on being her Limiter and the two certainly have a quite the connection. The problem for Bridget comes at this point is that she's getting a lot of challenges at a time when she's not at full potential and the seventh most powerful ranked student, Ingrid, is now making a formal challenge. And she won't be able to succeed against her without a Limiter of her own to work with. That gives her only a bit of time to get things figured out and it's easy to understand how she may feel somewhat pressured by it all while still thinking it may be the right choice. Aoi's approach is certainly an earnest and honest one, but the way it happens is in a way that only makes it harder for her to agree to it. Coming into her room when she doesn't answer isn't smart and it doesn't help when they have a bit of a fumble when she gets out of the shower and there's naked bits everywhere. Obscured, of course. That only makes her more stubborn over things and reaffirms the way she wants to handle things on her own, to be the lone wolf that can handle things. While not having a Limiter is considered a weakness that makes it easier to be taken down, she believes she can buck that trend because of her skills and ability. It's an interesting level of confidence that's not treated as being overconfident or foolish. It's not the smartest way to go, but for the age and what's been going on with her, making that choice doesn't surprise. Read More... //

Freezing Episode #03 - Review

With the big events out of the way that set the basic stage for the series, Freezing is getting a bit more about the characters as we see Kazuya getting a feel for the school more. Amusingly, he's really taken in by the cafeteria with its all you can eat buffet of absolute goodness, but it's only natural that the kids are all attracted to the high calorie Burger Queen place where you actually have to pay, whereas the buffet is free. It's a nice little setup that allows for Kazuya to try and get closer to Bridget when she blows him off a bit after an incident in the cafeteria and he continues to follow her. While everyone keeps telling him to keep his distance from her, he goes right out and asks her to be her Limiter, which is kind of inappropriate considering what it all really means in terms of a relationship between the Pandora and the Limiter. Bridget certainly has a reputation at this point as the Untouchable Queen so there's always a lot of attention on her to dethrone her, so anyone who tries to attach themselves to her is quite suspect, especially since she's so distant. One of those is a very snake-like woman named Miyabi who tries to convince Kazuya not to do it and to be hers instead. There's a definite rivalry between these two women and it hits a nerve with Bridget to see what Miyabi is up to, causing her to actually take up against Miyabi. One of the selling points of the show, or at least the main selling point right now in my mind, is how it handles the action with its choreography and sense of style. It's been a darker show from the start so seeing these two go up against each other offers a good segment with some strong music to it, though it's a bit comical with what sets Miyabi over the edge. Vanity is one thing, but vanity when it comes to the seriousness of fighting paints a damaged psyche. Read More... //