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Watch a Sneak Peek of Fresh Meat's Season 3 Premiere

  The boys of  Fresh Meat   are growing older, but are they growing up? Judging by this sneak peak, definitely not! In this exclusive look at the Season 3 premiere, Kinglsey ( Joe Thomas ), Howard ( Greg McHugh ) and J.P. ( Jack Whithall ) swap stories, and it seems things haven't gone too well between Kinglsey and Josie ( Kimberly Nixon ).       //

Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 4 (Channel 4) Review

We knew their happiness couldn’t last, didn’t we? It’s only a week since Josie and Kingsley decided on their romantic middle-ground between love and mindless sex, but now the big Heather secret is out and we’re going to be watching passive-aggressive Josie/Kingsley action. It’s not a huge surprise, since this show doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone, and it also wasn’t the only step back Fresh Meat  took this week. I’m not even sure we’re rid of Heather as an on-screen presence. Read More... //

Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 3 (Channel 4) Review

There are three happy(ish) couples at the start of the third episode of  Fresh Meat ’s latest series, but I don’t think it’s a massive spoiler to say that they don’t necessarily stay that way for the duration of the episode. Josie and Kinglsey clash over their respective ideas of a romantic camping holiday, Vod tries to leave Javier at a remote shopping centre, and Howard and JP are still butting heads over the same sexy psychology student. The latter storyline plays out over a charity quiz evening, which turns out to just be a ploy by Howard to make JP look stupid in front of their mutual love interest. Read More... //

‘Fresh Meat’ Season 3 Announced by Channel 4

Channel 4 has picked up a third season of the Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show, Babylon) created series  Fresh Meat . Adding to the announcement of the series’ renewal, also plans to launch ‘Fresh Meat Unlocked’, a new interactive platform with brand new content for fans of the series. ‘Fresh Meat Unlocked’ will be available to fans at 30 minutes after the comedy’s 4oD premiere on Nov. 4. Fans who don’t want to wait for the premiere can register at 4oD to watch the first episode of ‘Fresh Meat’ a week in advance, beginning Monday, October 28. After each subsequent episode airs, Channel 4 will give fans a chance to see exclusive content that they must unlock. “The housemate’s home videos will also be available on the Comedy on 4 YouTube channel and choons from the series will have their own Spotify playlist to listen to as well.” Read More... //

Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 4

I’ve been slightly underwhelmed by this year’s run of  Fresh Meat , but episode four brings us right back to the highs of its first series  with style and confidence. Hilarious and heartbreaking, often at exactly the same time, it recalls the JP-centric episodes at the tail end of series one and recreates the uplifting quality that’s been missing from a fairly depressing series so far. The episode  also takes us away from the house-share for the first time (except for the London student riots last year) with a group trip to JP’s "very big house in the  country". Josie, Vod and Oregon leave Howard and Kingsley back home for a ‘study’ trip to Cornwall, where they predictably don’t get any studying done. Kingsley, staying at home just to spend time with his girlfriend, soon finds his gumption (and permission) and joins the gang much to Josie’s annoyance. It’s a testament to how much I liked this episode that even the stilted love story between these two ended up moving me ever so slightly. Their story this series can best be described as passive aggressive and, with the wine flowing over the weekend, we finally get to see some honesty pass between them. Read More... //

Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 3

Kingsley and Josie  remain at the center of  things for this week’s  Fresh Meat , even if the comedy is coming from elsewhere. With BP recruiting at the university  job fair, the geology student rivalry comes into play between Kingsley, Howard and JP, while Josie, Vod and Oregon are all working through their own crises. Howard comes to the forefront of this episode more than he ever has before, as the self-confessed oddball attempts to change his image and become more like Kingsley after being shunned by a BP recruiter. This obviously yields some funny moments between the flatmates, a highlight of which is seeing Howard dressed in hipster clothes and attempting to use contact lenses. His tense relationship with Kingsley hasn’t really been explored on the show before, with most of the latter’s story-lines revolving around his tired relationship with Josie. I’m still hoping for a Howard/Vod romance, if I’m being honest. Read More... //