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Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 8 (Channel 4) Review

It’s not always a bad thing for a sitcom as often drama-straddling as  Fresh Meat  to finish it’s series’ off on a sombre note, and that was the case here. Series three was probably the least weighty  and  the least funny year of the Channel 4 show to date, but these last couple of episodes have at least succeeded in bringing some long-brewing annoyances to a close. That includes Josie and Kinglsey’s endless flirtation and Howard’s loneliness, as well as Vod and Oregon’s increasingly dysfunctional friendship and the war between Kinglsey and JP introduced last week. Read More... //

Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 7 (Channel 4) Review

We’re finally getting somewhere with the third series of  Fresh Meat , with this seventh episode bringing us back to some of the anarchic joy that the first two years of the show had in spades. JP is going off the rails, Kingsley and Josie are back on even footing when it comes to ruining their relationship, and Howard’s finally getting something to do. This doesn’t quite erase the feeling of disappointment that has accompanied the rest of the series, but it comes quite close. Most of the action comes from the birthday party Candice decides to throw for Howard, the party Howard throws for himself in protest and the pretentious garden party that Oregon throws to promote her campaign for student president. The best episodes of  Fresh Meat  are the ones that bring everyone together, often in the house, and this is a prime example of what can happen in a single-location episode of a show with such a strong ensemble cast. Read More... //

Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 6 (Channel 4) Review

We’re nearing the end of  Fresh Meat ’s slightly disappointing third series, and JP’s personal crisis has arrived right on time. I wondered, after his parents’ divorce and his father’s subsequent death, the show could throw at him this year and, by comparison, his rejected affections for Sam feel a little tame to be caring about. The strength of this show has always been about Jack Whitehall and his performance and, while the comedic elements are still going strong (“Japers”), we’re missing that emotional connection. Everyone seems to have been reduced to their most grating characteristics – with Oregon almost too pretentious to tolerate, Kingsley completely without a survival instinct and Howard once again banished to the sidelines to presumably be brought back in the final episode. The only people seen to be growing this year are Josie and Vod, with the former actually putting someone else before herself for the first time ever. This week saw the return of Sabine to the house and, instead of selfishly obsessing over Kingsley’s whereabouts; she offered her a friendly shoulder and a cheap bottle of vodka. Read More... //

Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 5 (Channel 4) Review

Vod’s mum is in town on this week’s  Fresh Meat , and it’s a surprise to the gang that she not only has a mother, but that Vod is actually the responsible one in her family. Thus follows a series of events that, probably for the first time in the entire series, actually allow Vod some much-needed character development. Meanwhile, Josie and Kingsley try desperately to put last week’s revelations behind them, and Howard inadvertently becomes a radical feminist. Absolutely everyone is acting against type in this episode except Josie and Kingsley who, rather than surprise everyone by not deliberately killing their relationship before it’s even gotten off the ground, decide to air out their feelings – ‘handing over their weapons’, as they call it. This results in Josie admitting that she’s been faking a few things during their relationship – 70% of the things in fact – and Kingsley reacts to this by dragging up her past exploits with JP and obsessing over them for the whole hour. As realistic to many a relationship as this may have been, I’m glad they sorted things out in the end. Read More... //

Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 2 (Channel 4) Review

I wasn’t completely sold on last week’s series premiere of  Fresh Meat  but, now that we’re back in the swing of things, I’m a lot more hopeful. Repeated storylines seem to be less repetitive and others completely new, and this all adds up to a solid second episode that’s as warm as it’s taken past series weeks to get to. This show is at its best when the group are together and, with Vod and Javier getting married, that’s the perfect excuse. The marriage – real on his side but not so much on hers – is a means to an end. Javier can’t fly back home because he has no money and he can’t get a job because he’s illegal so, full of bright ideas, Vod decides that marrying him is the fastest way to get him out of her life. When he gets a job and buys a plane ticket, she can dump him with an almost clear conscience. And she’s not the only one of the housemates who’s desperate to get rid of their significant other, as Kingsley discovers that dating two women isn’t as much as fun as forecast. Read More... //

Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 1 (Channel 4) Review

They’re back! After pretty much a full year away, the  Fresh Meat  gang are back for their second year in Manchester, and there’s change afoot. Josie has stayed true to her promise of attending Southampton University, leaving room for a brand new resident in the newly Christened “Pussy Haven”. As you may remember from series two’s finale, JP has bought the student house and has big plans for how to use it. Enter a hot tub party; in Manchester; in October. We begin with an over the top declaration of how much sex JP, Kingsley and Howard (maybe not Howard) are going to get now that they’re second years, and this entry into the show is a familiar one for any fans that have stuck with it for three years. We always start with JP being overconfident, brash and abusing his friendships but, inevitably, he’s humanised over the course of the eight episodes. This recycled arc hasn’t become familiar enough to irritate quite yet – but this might be the year. Read More... //

Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 8

The gang’s first year at university is drawing to a close, and relationships are being formed and broken according to the unwritten rules of growing up and moving on.  Fresh Meat ‘s second series has been criticized for not taking enough risks, but no one can deny the heartfelt satisfaction this finale brings to those who’ve been watching since this messed up, dysfunctional bunch of misfit slackers moved into their shared accommodation. With a third season already confirmed by Channel 4 , also, there’s a safety and distinct sense of looking forwards inherent to this finale. Read More... //

Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 7

In the last episode before next week’s second series finale,  Fresh Meat  still doesn’t seem overly concerned with setting things up for explosive ends, with only Josie and Oregon heading towards any resolution in their respective storylines. The former is continuing on her impressive downward spiral, heading to the betting shop when all of her housemates think she’s attending dentistry lectures. She’s caught out by Kingsley, who thinks along with Vod that she’s descending into life as a gambling drug addict , but Heather finally lets the cat out of the bag  when things go too far. Poor Josie has had an awful time of if this year, but most of her bad luck has stemmed from her awful behavior in the first series, and it’s hard to sympathize with such a self-destructive character. It seems we’ve left the last seven episodes with her sitting alone or crying into Kingsley’s arms (this week, a mixture of the two), and I hope the finale lends her something to root for. Read More... //

Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 6

After a strong couple of weeks,  Fresh Meat  seems to have rewound itself for episode  six, discounting all of the character development for JP, Josie and Oregon that we’d experienced over the first two series. This is disappointing to say the least and, with only two more weeks left of the series, more than a little worrying. Heather is still hanging around the house as if she’s paying rent, and we start with her walking in on JP whilst he’s showering. Because he’s JP, this has a profound effect on him throughout the episode and gives him the permanent horn, much to Kingsley’s displeasure. While I found myself tolerating, even half-rooting for, Kingsley and Josie’s tentative relationship last year, the addition of Heather really hasn’t added anything to the house dynamic. If anything, she makes Kinglsey appear even more unlikeable, and she doesn’t have much to do besides interact with her friend and boyfriend each week. Read More... //

Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 5

I loved last week’s episode of  Fresh Meat  so much that this week was always going to be a letdown, but the string of superb episodes at the end of the show’s first series gave me hope. Sadly, though episode five admittedly has its moments of humor and emotion, it really doesn’t measure up. To start with, the whole affair is completely bizarre, with story threads popping up with no warning and whimpering away with just as little recognition. The main driving force of the episode is a robbery caused partly by Josie leaving her keys in the front door on a girl’s night out. When she returns to the house it’s be ransacked, and she stages an elaborate break-in to cover her tracks. I’ve hated the character a fair bit this year, but here we’re given a bubbling storm of remorse which erupts in the episode’s final moments. Whether her vow to be a better person sticks, I don’t know, but it’s certainly satisfying to see after we’ve been forced to watch such a train wreck this year. Read More... //