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FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS "Toilet Bowl" Season 4 Episode 8

Check out a preview for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Season 4 Episode 8 "Toilet Bowl," which airs Wednesday January 6, 2010 at 9pm on DirecTV's The 101 Network. I haven't written about Friday Night Lights in a while and I just felt it was time to do it again, especially since it's one of my top favorite shows, and one of the best on TV right now. There is just something about this show that is magical. Even with the cast changing a bit I always find myself drawn to every new character. And the acting is impeccable. And so on that note, I'll just say that I can't wait to see Friday Night Lights' new episode. And for those of you who don't have DirecTV, let me tell you, you are in for a treat when the show airs on NBC. Synopsis: Eric realizes that East Dillon's problems aren't only on the field; Jess tries to choose between Vince and Landry; Luke's injury takes a toll on him; and Riggins makes a decision that could backfire. Source & Preview

TV Tonight: What's on Wednesday 12/16 - Featured

With so many of our favorite shows on holiday breaks, it seems like there's nothing new to watch, but there are still new episodes of a few favs plus some fun reality specials and big finales as well! Check out what's new tonight: 8/7c So You Think You Can Dance Season Finale on Fox The Sing-Off on NBC The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS 8:30/7:30c Gary Unmarried on CBS 9/8c Friday Night Lights on DirecTV Criminal Minds on CBS Top Chef Reunion Special on Bravo MythBusters on Discovery Channel 10/9c Eastwick on ABC CSI: NY on CBS Nip/Tuck on FX Launch My Line on Bravo

Friday Night Lights: Connie Britton Teases the New Season - Featured

In anticipation of Friday Night Lights kicking off its fourth season tonight on DirecTV's 101 Network (NBC is expected to air the series sometime during the first half of 2010), this TV Addict had the pleasure of talking to the real heart of Dillon Texas, actress Connie Britton. Here, in our brief chat that took place over the summer at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Britton, who plays Tami Taylor (also known as one-half of our favorite television couples) talks about the big changes that are in store for the series heading into its penultimate season. On Tami's Promotion: When you're an actor, with great power comes not just great responsibility, but great opportunity. Particularly when your co-star in crime is the incomparable Kyle Chandler. "I loved it! For me as an actor, it was really fun to sort of see Tami in over her head, especially with all her lofty ideals," explained Britton on her charter's promotion to Principal of Dillon High last season. "And from a story stand point, it was great for both me and Kyle [Chandler] to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, which really gave us a lot of fun stuff to play." On a town divided: When we last left the gang from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Coach Taylor found himself coaching East Dillon High after getting unceremoniously fired from his cushy job at Dillon. "I really think seeing this town that we love torn into two is going to really resonate with the audience," predicted Britton. "Everything that we know as normal and familiar we blow to smithereens which provides for some really interesting story... Dealing with a town and school split into two is a big deal." On the new student body: If there is one downsize to critical acclaim, it's that your young and easy-on-the-eyes student body find themselves matriculating and fast! So to fill the void left by Adrianne Palicki who is off filming Red Dawn, Taylor Kitsch and Zach Gilford's imminent exit, Dillon Texas will welcome a handful of new students. "I think the addition of new students will be a smooth transition because of the story. The beauty of the school redistricting is that it allows for new students to be added in an organic and authentic way," said Britton. "And although I sure hope we don't jump the shark, I believe the story-lines are so rich and layered with all the added conflict that it's going to help us a lot." Plus, like Scott Porter and Gaius Charles before them, Zach Gilford, Adrianne Palicki and Taylor Kitsch are all taking the time to properly wrap up their story-lines providing fans with some much needed closure. Source: TheTVAddict.com - On the Fly with... FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Star Connie Britton


Check out some new promos for Season 4 of Friday Night Lights premiering on October 28, 2009 on 101 Network from DirecTV. I cannot wait to see what this new season will bring. Friday Night Lights is one of the shows with the highest quality writing and acting, and it's such a pleasure to get to watch it. If you are still not watching the show, do yourself a favor, go rent season 1 and trust me you'll come back for more. Source & Preview

Friday Night Lights: Season 4 Sneak Peek with the Cast & Crew

Season 4 of Friday Night Lights is on its way! Check out the clip below as the cast AND crew talk about what you can expect next season. Be sure to listen closely as they tease some secrets that will definitely whet your appetite! NBC.com: Getting Ready for Season 4 Photo courtesy of directv.com

Friday Night Lights: Two New Promos and A Lot of Change - Featured

Friday Night Lights fans, October 28 is the date to remember. That's when the show returns for its fourth season, on DirecTV from 9pm. Lots of stuff happening, of course: graduation for some of the Panthers, a handful of new faces, and Dillon being split into two school districts. And that's the stuff I managed to remember. E! Online talked to the show's runner , Jason Katims, and got him to reveal a handful of details about the upcoming season. I'll keep them pretty short. Oh, and if you don't want spoilers, don't look! Taylor's staying in Dillon, but in a good way. "He might be one of the few people who end up in Dillon, but not in the way that 'He never got out of the small town,' but more in a way that "He loves that town and wants to embrace it.,'" Katims said. "That's partly the direction we're going in." Riggins will be struggling a bit after not making it to college, trying to find out what he wants to do next. In the meantime, though, he helps out with Eric coaching the Lions, who are "striving for mediocrity". The focus this season will be on the Lions. Buddy will stick with the Panthers, but will have to face his strong bond with Eric. The school split is one thing: the changing face of the team is another. "His journey this season is about which side [he is] on," Katims said. There will be tense moments between Eric and Tami, especially with the school split separating the couple in two different places. Although of course, we know they'll pull through like they always have. Matt will deal with his decisions in the past season--his relationship with Julie and living with his grandmother. As for Julie, the senior will be moving on to a new chapter in her life, and Tami's got to help her along the way without being too imposing. Lyla's returning for a couple of episodes visiting Dillon from college, and there she realizes that moving on from Riggins isn't an easy thing. As for the new characters? Katims promises a conflict between polar opposites Vince and Luke, and we should expect some more for the new ladies of the show, Becky (Madison Burge) and Jess (Jurnee Smollett). Read more & watch the promos: BuddyTV.com - Friday Night Lights: Two New Promos and A Lot of Change

Friday Night Lights: If Minka Kelly Returns, Things Will Get Messy

If Riggins' bound to get himself into trouble, might as well get into a lot of it. Well, provided that the plans of Friday Night Lights ' writers push through. Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reports that they're planning to take Minka Kelly in for a two-episode appearance in the show's upcoming season. Makes sense, because we need a farewell arc for her, and with her pilot for The CW still floating in space (but pretty much dead), well, she'd need all the jobs she can take. (And no, the title didn't mean it as good news... read on.) But if she says yes--producers are still talking to her--then she'd enter in a pretty interesting point in the story. Remember Becky? She's one of four new characters on the show, played by Madison Burge: the beauty queen with a troubled childhood and a similarly troubled demeanor. And we all know things between her and Riggins will get a little spicy, for lack of a better term. Now, Minka's supposed to return just when Riggins and Becky, uhm, get it on. So Lyla's going to be in for a shock when she finds out stuff happens. I told you. If Riggins gets himself into trouble, might as well kick it up a notch. Source Here

Friday Night Lights: The McCoys Drop the Mom, At Least This Season

Looks like Tami's losing a friend when Friday Night Lights ' fourth season kicks off either in October or next summer. Well, at least it isn't because she had to go or something--it looks very open-ended, even. Janine Turner, also known as last season's Katie McCoy, is not going to be part of the drama series' upcoming season, but according to executive producer Jason Katims, it's because "so far we don't have her in any stories." Which, at first glance, obviously means there's a big chance she'll return. But it's not necessarily farewell to the McCoys altogether: in fact, Katims promised that both the hubby, Joe (D.W. Moffett), and the son, star quarterback J.D. (Jeremy Sumpter), will figure in pretty significant storylines this season. "Joe has basically replaced Buddy Garrity as the presence at West Dillon High," Katims said. "There will also be a huge tension between Joe and Tami between a new player named Luke." Luke, of course, is played by Lipstick Jungle 's Matt Lauria, and is one of the four new characters being brought in as characters graduate from Dillon High, or whatever's left of it. Source Here