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‘Friends from College’ Review: Immaturity Reigns Supreme in Nicholas Stoller’s Excellent Netflix Series

In the second episode of Friends from College, Sam (Annie Parisse) and Ethan (Keegan-Michael Key) meet at Manhattan’s famously unpopular Jekyll & Hyde restaurant during the day. Considering the fact that the place is largely seen as a tourist trap, their hope is that it will be the perfect place to discuss their long-standing extramarital affair without running the risk of bumping into anyone they know. The symbolism is more than a bit on the nose. And yet, not long into their discussion about a passionate kiss at a recent party celebrating the return of Ethan and his wife, Lisa (Cobie Smulders), to the five boroughs, a college friend recognizes Key’s character and nearly blows their cover. It’s a moment that confronts an illusion that both Sam and especially Ethan have bought into over their years of meeting in Chicago hotel rooms for illicit thrills, a belief that their desire to be with one another is somehow separate from their regular lives and not a direct result of their uncertainty or boredom with their everyday existence. And much of what Nicholas Stoller‘s often uproarious miniseries circles around throughout its eight episodes is a simultaneous denial and indulgence of the competitive, immature id in people who take great pride in their belief that they are "adults." READ MORE...

Friends From College: The Guest Stars You Need to Watch

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Friends From College Isn't Good, but Four of Its Guest Stars Are Great

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Review: With Grating Friends From College, Who Needs Enemies?

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Friends From College Review: Very Funny, But Infidelity Is A Drag

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