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FRINGE: ‘Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There’ Photo Preview

Walter goes on a strange little trip in this week’s episode of FRINGE, and for things to register as being odder than normal on this show, that’s saying something. Take a look at Friday’s "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There"… FRINGE airs Fridays at 9 PM on Fox. Related: FRINGE: John Noble [...] //

'Fringe' Videos: A Sad Look Back and More Observer Promos

Have you ever noticed that, for a super race with a disinclination for small talk, the Observers have an awful lot to tell us about Fringe ? That's the only explanation that makes sense, when you consider the number of videos we get to see from them. Check out these two Observer videos -- plus two videos that remind us of the sad events in "An Origin Story." //

FRINGE: John Noble on ‘Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There,’ (Possible) Helpful Observers and the Characters’ Grief

This Friday’s new episode of FRINGE may be partially named for John Noble’s Walter ("Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There"…AKA the longest title in FRINGE’s history thus far), but when he talked with reporters on set for the filming the of hour, he was incredibly vague about what actually goes down. Noble [...] //

Fox Officially Sets FRINGE’s Series Finale Date

Leave it to FRINGE to zig when you expect it to zag, even when it comes to its own series finale date. Originally, Fox Chairman of Entertainment, Kevin Reilly told reporters at summer Television Critics Association that the series finale for FRINGE would air in January of 2013. A little over a month later, FRINGE showrunner [...] //

Fringe Spoilers: John Noble on the Fallout of the Show’s Latest Death

When Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to visit the Fringe set in Vancouver, courtesy of Warner Brothers, we had a very enlightening conversation with John Noble, who plays our favorite nutty professor, Walter Bishop. (Spoiler warning!) At the time of the interview, every cast member was very much alive on the show, and we took John’s answers as interpretations of a distant past that the viewer never saw on-screen. But hindsight is 20/20, and we understand now what John meant when he... //

Fringe Season 5 Episode 5 “An Origin Story”

Fringe  "An Origin Story" Season 5 episode 5 airs Friday Nov 2, 2012(9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Episode Synopsis:  The Fringe team responds to recent devastating events, and a key member makes a pivotal and shocking move in the all-new "An Origin Story" episode of FRINGE airing Friday, Nov. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). Read More... //

How Will the Fringe Team Deal with Etta's Death?

In a cruel new world, it only seems fitting that Peter and Olivia would reunite with their daughter only to have her tragically taken away from them too soon. On last Friday's Fringe , the Observers mercilessly killed the youngest Bishop family member, sending out shock waves among the Fringe fandom. How could Etta ( Georgina Haig ), who we came to love during such a short period of time, be taken away so soon? This is just a taste of the danger Peter ( Joshua Jackson ), Olivia ( Anna Torv ), Walter ( John Noble ) and Astrid ( Jasika Nicole ) will continue to face in the Observer-occupied future.   "Etta's death is  //

WATCH: Peter And Olivia Deal With The Loss Of Etta In New 'Fringe' Previews

Last week's " Fringe " saw the team dealt a devastating blow when Captain Windmark killed Etta (Georgina Haig) Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia's (Anna Torv) daughter, leaving the family in a strange new world with no guide and dwindling hope. In the November 2 episode, "An Origin Story," we'll see the team trying to deal with that unimaginable loss, and judging by these newly released promo clips, it won't be an easy road. The first preview features a number of scenes from the episode, with Peter determined to ensure that his daughter didn't die in vain -- positioning her as a symbol of resistance against the Observers. In the second clip, Walter (John Noble) tries to cling on to the memory of his granddaughter by saving her favorite perfume: In the third, Peter chooses to deal with Etta's death in a somewhat inadvisable way: In the final video, the actors share where their characters will go from here, which means bad things for Peter and Olivia in particular. "Fringe" airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Do you agree with the show's decision to kill Etta? How do you think Peter and Olivia will cope with the loss? Weigh in below! //

'Fringe' Episode 5.5 Photos: Moving Forward in 'An Origin Story'

How does Fringe keep going after the tragic events of the previous episode? These photos -- including two devastating images from "The Bullet That Saved the World" -- give us a clue of what happens in "An Origin Story" (airing Friday, November 2 at 9pm on FOX). //

Georgina Haig Discusses Etta’s Shocking Death on Fringe

The fourth episode of  Fringe ‘s final season  took an interesting turn when Etta, Peter and  Olivia’s long lost  daughter, was fatally wounded by an Observer before blowing herself up in an abandoned building. With such an emotionally wrenching ( for some ) death occurring so early, several media outlets  decided to catch up with Georgina Haig, who plays Etta, to discuss her arc and how she felt about her character’s death. Read More... //