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Review: Final (and Finale) Thoughts on Fringe

Goodbyes are hard. Saying goodbye to a show as wondrous at its peak as Fringe would have been a lot harder if Fox had gone the normal network route and cut its run short several seasons ago, which given its fringe ratings would have been understandable if not forgivable (and many still can't forgive Fox for having wielded the ax so mercilessly in the past to other shows of a fantastic ilk, most particularly Firefly ). //

'Fringe' Finale Recap: Questions Answered and Love Renewed

Michael is gone. The Child Observer can't be tracked. That's because he is being held by Windmark at Liberty Island. "It is in your interest to communicate with me," he tells the boy. Windmark digs at the boy with a line of questioning geared to expose the boy's purpose. A humming sound can be heard as Windmark carefully asks his questions. Suddenly his nose begins to bleed. The Observer Boy just stares at him blankly. Windmark asks about the plan, the words echoing in the air around them. Suddenly Windmark gasps and his eye fills with blood. As he stands, he asks for complete diagnostic testing on the boy. "Find out what it is." //

Fringe Series Finale Review: A Fond Farewell

Fringe wraps up with a fan-friendly satisfying finale that didn't try to do too much, and that's a good thing. //

'Fringe' Recap - 'Liberty'/'An Enemy Of Fate'

HItFix's Ryan McGee recaps the final episodes of "Fringe", airing January 18th. //

Fringe Series Finale: Did the Team Reset Time?

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the series finale of Fringe . Read at your own risk!]  Ever since the moment Peter was erased, Fringe fans had hoped the Fox series would eventually get back to the original timeline with the original Fringe Division we had come to know and love. With the remaining team in 2036 attempting to reset time in order to get rid of The Observers, the series finale proved that traveling back... //

Fringe Review: "An Enemy of Fate"

Fan favorite and critical darling Fringe  came to an emotional conclusion tonight with two hours creating a season finale John Noble hoped would resonate as one of the best of all time. With "Liberty" and " An Enemy of Fate ," conclusions were reached, but I'm not of a mind to compare it to the best of all time. I'd not even give it a top ten spot. Let's find out why. Early on in the first hour of the finale, Walter almost shared with Peter his belief that he needed to sacrifice his life, but instead it ended just a touching moment between father and son. That was a hint of what was to come, but first, Olivia finally got her due. No matter how many times I saw Olivia, or any character, get injected with potions into their spine, I never failed to squirm. The scenes in "Liberty" were no different. Read More... //

‘Fringe’ Series Finale: TV Recap

"Fringe" bids farewell to its fans and to TV tonight. Here is a blow-by-blow recap of the final episode of this award-winning sci-fi show. //

'Fringe' Series Finale: A Final Farewell

Fox's cult sci-fi drama wrapped up its five-season run with a two-hour event, culminating in an epic battle that saw a beloved character make a life-altering sacrifice. //

FRINGE Series Finale Recap: ‘Liberty’/'An Enemy of Fate’

Obviously this isn’t a series finale recap for FRINGE yet. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to go about writing a recap of these final hours. But what I do know is that while I try to work that out, I want to hear from you. Your feedback and intelligent/insightful comments have been [...] //

Fringe Season 5 Review “Liberty/An Enemy of Fate” Series Finale

Whenever a show comes to an expected close, people start talking about the show’s legacy. With the rise of  fan sites, show podcasts , television forums, and all other forms of community discussion about a show, television series can be discussed long after they exit our timeline. Given the devoted fan following of a show like  Fringe , it’s hard to imagine fans not gathering here (hopefully!) and other places around the interwebs to talk about what it all means, to pay respects, or to troll people about the love wizard (copyright:  Ryan McGee, ) that returned Peter to our reality. Here’s the thing, though:  Fringe ‘s legacy has long been secured. READ MORE...