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First Look: Fringe, Reloaded

If you think Fringe's alternate universe is confusing, don't be misled: It'll actually be easier to follow along as the Fox series reboots once again in Season 3. "The beginning of the third season, it's like a pilot again," Anna Torv says. Why? Because our Olivia is being implanted with Faux-livia's memories while rehashing and struggling to hold onto her own. For diehard fans, though, the overload of old information won't distract from all the new. "All the details are there if you're looking for them, but if you're not, I don't think it pushes anybody away," Torv adds. Get a refresher course on where Fringe has been and where it's going from the cast in our exclusive video below: Source & Preview

Fringe Season Three Premiere Pics: "The Box"

The third season of Fringe will rotate between universes, only showcasing Peter and the world in which we reside every other week. That's disappointing news for some viewers, but at least the opening episode will feature Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick and company. The premiere will be titled "The Box" and airs on September 23. Below, we have your first look at alt-Olivia... and some happening inside a subway station. Click on each photo for a larger version: Source & More Photos

First Look at Fringe's Season Opener!

The alternate universe is in for a major dose of Dunham when the real Olivia gets the upper hand on a very messed-up resident of the other side as she battles her way home in Fringe's season premiere. Considering the producers have told TV Guide Magazine that the other side has super-healing nanotechnology (and that actor Seth Gable would be back on the show), could Agent Dunham be facing down the previously incinerated Lincoln Lee? And more importantly, will she be able to get back to our universe before her doppelganger gets her paws on Peter? To Read More Click Here .

Fringe Season 3 Promo Pics Unveiled

One of the most anticipated returns of the TV season is FOX's Fringe. While the show seemingly struggled early in its sophomore season, Fringe devastatingly silenced its critics with a mind bending cross dimensional story line that was as mystifying as it was dramatic as the alternate version of Walter (John Noble), A.K.A The Secretary, schemed to require his son who in our Universe - was just discovering that he had been kidnapped by the alternate dimension version of his biological father. And that, folks, is the easy part. Now Olivia Dunham (Ana Torv) is trapped Over There, and when our heroes find out, it's war. To Read More Click Here .

New Fringe Trailer Offers a Peek at Season 3 Storyline

Beware Fringe spoiler-phobes, this article contains some info on at least one Fringe Season 3 Storyline! In the latest preview for Fringe's highly anticipated third season fans get a hint of what is to come for Olivia Dunham, and it is admittedly not what I would have expected. Looks like Olivia is going to make it out of Walternates darkened cell, but the world outside will think her stories of an alternate universe are pure bunk. It seems she may also wind up in an in-patient program, if you get what I mean. (A bit of the Walter experience for Olivia?) Among the characters telling Olivia her story of Fringe-division and universe hopping is nutso is her own alterna-mom. To Read More Click Here .