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'Fringe' Recap: It's 'Subject 9' Time

This week on Fringe , Walter and Olivia travel to New York City to track down a former Cortexiphan subject who may be causing energy-based attacks on Olivia. But is everything as it seems? //www.buddytv.com/articles/fringe/fringe-recap-its-subject-9-tim-42199.aspx

'Fringe' recap: Blue Light Special

The second coming of Peter Bishop was a miraculous event, marked by strange portents and paranormal activity. There were no shepherds to bear witness – but there were fishers of men. There were no wisemen -- but there was a germaphobe genius with stigmata. The road to rebirth began in Olivia Dunham’s apartment. The time: 6 AM. Sunshine flickered on Olivia’s face, a breeze pushed through the curtains like a spirit… and then metal objects began to stir and migrate toward a blue-hued ball of energy. Olivia jolted awake as the mysterious mass expanded and grazed her arm, searing her skin. A veritable Close Encounter of the Third Kind. But this was no alien visitation. Shocked by the electric feel, Olivia grabbed her gun and took aim at the electromagnetic home invader ---but then it was gone. At that moment, we saw the clock – and it ticked to 6 AM all over again.  Groundhog Day , Fringe  style. There was no Sonny & Cher, but in retrospect, the sentiment was there. Peter to Olivia:  I got you, babe. Now come and get me . Read More... //tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/fringe-season-4-episode-4/

Fringe Review: Paranormal Activity

" Subject 9 " left me with absolutely no coherent thoughts. What Fringe did this week was subject me to so many revelations and questions that my mind was feeling. That, my friends, is what kind of a review your will be subjected to, as well. Because we're all in this together and I know you're all in the same position! Could you possibly love Walter more than when he is filming peanuts from multiple angles and welcoming another visitation from Peter because of an idea he got from fight sequences from The Matrix? Yeah, I thought not. I couldn't stand that Walter thought Olivia would recommend he be sent back to the institution, but I loved that it was the driving factor to get him back into the world in an attempt to prove himself useful. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/10/fringe-review-subject-9/

Fringe 4.04 "Subject 9" Review

The first three episodes of Fringe  season 4 were absolutely delightful, but "Subject 9" was where the season really kicked into high gear, bringing us the long-awaited return of Peter Bishop with a resounding (and confusing) bang. In undeniably the best outing of the season yet, Olivia and Walter investigated a mysterious electromagnetic presence that seemed to be haunting Olivia. As I'm sure most of us were able to guess the first time we saw the big glowing blue cloud, that field was actually Peter apparently struggling to regain corporeal form. Walter's other theory, which centered on the titular Cortexiphan kid Cameron James, was ultimately a red herring, though it provided for some significant worldbuilding and character development. After all, we found there to be a strangely maternalistic relationship between Nina Sharp and Olivia Dunham. We also found out that events of episodes like "Bad Dreams" and "Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver," didn't happen in this Peter-less timeline. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/tvovermind/tvnews/~3/bAyWiYlAyoo/98583

FRINGE “Subject 9? Review

FRINGE  "Subject 9? Review  Season 4 Episode  4 -  Last week’s  FRINGE  ended on an insane cliffhanger when both Walter and Olivia found out that they were both seeing visions of the same person. In this episode the team investigates a mysterious energy cloud that seems to be stalking Olivia. Walter thinks it is somehow connected to the Cortexiphan trials, specifically the child Walter only remembers as "Subject 9?. When the two of them finally track down Subject 9 in New York , they find that he’s not the cause of the cloud , but could help destroy it. Walter sets a trap using Olivia as bait and when the cloud appears it takes the shape of the man she and Walter have had visions of the last few weeks. She tries to stop Subject 9 from dissipating the force but is too late. At the same time , a strange event occurs in  the middle  of Lake Reiden, Peter Bishop comes back. So far this season   Fringe  has delivered some incredible episodes, and to be honest, this one was a little bit  of a let down for most of the episode. It was still a great episode, but in a season where the show was scoring 10?s this was an 8. I think the real issue here was that there wasn’t a really strong central case this week. Instead the energy cloud seemed to be a good excuse to get Walter and Olivia on the road together and for some well done visual effects. I’m going to guess that the idea here was to not have a story that overshadowed Walter’s issues and his conversations with Olivia. If that’s the case I would say that I understand the goal but the execution left something to be desired. I think it would’ve worked a little better if they deemphasized the energy cloud story a little more, forcing the Walter-Olivia story to the forefront or maybe having Astrid and Lincoln  chase  down Subject 9 off screen while Olivia and Walter had it out could have been better. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/10/14/fringe-subject-9-review/