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Fuller House Season 2 Premiere Recap: Grade the Tanners' Revealing Return

Look whos back again! Duringthe wee hours of the morning on Friday, all manner of Fullers, Tanners, Gibblers, Katsopoli and Gladstones descended upon Netflix for a secondseason of family friendly shenanigans on Fuller House. Its a collection of episodesfocused on the holidays get excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving in December! but there were [] //

Fuller House Finale Recap: Hit It, D.J.

In the end, Fuller House is simply obsessed with being a classic sitcom.    Read More... //

Fuller House Recap: The Wife, the Thief, the Chef, and Kimmy Gibbler

This episode makes me want to take a jillion Ambien and wake up in a future where all TV shows are dead.   Read More... //

Fuller House Recap: Holy Cow!

D.J. Fuller is what the GOP would call a "taker." ....  Read More... //

Fuller House Recap: Getting to First Base

Will the Tanners ever deal with real human consequences? Nah. ...  Read More... //

Fuller House Recap: 13 Candles

Stephanie has nobody to keep her company, but D.J. is juggling all these cute guys. What gives?    Read More... //

Fuller House Recap: Rose to the Challenge

Jackson and Max will grow up to be pickup artists, and it's all D.J.'s fault....   Read More... //

Fuller House Recap: About That Couch

Has it been sitting in the Tanner's living room since the late '80s?   Read More... //

Fuller House Recap: Wrestlemania

Sorry, Ramona. This entire show is stuck in the 90s.  Read More... //

Fuller House Recap: D.J. Plays Coachella

I am hallucinating? Did Fuller House just make me laugh?   Read More... //