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Matt Groenings Futurama Is Going to Be a Mobile Game

While Futurama began as somewhat of an evil stepchild of The Simpsons, it didnt take long for it to develop its own fan base and become a classic all on its own. While the animation and some voices were all trademarks of Simpsons creator Matt Groening, the subject matter and story lines were vastly different and catered to a much more specific crowd: the geek universe. To this day people are still analyzing the show, its characters and watching reruns whenever they get the chance. But some good news came today because something new from Futurama is on the horizon. ...Read More... //

12 Shows of Christmas, Part 2

Part one of the 12 Shows of Christmas from Scotwot and TelevisionFanboy is here . Part three is here .   For the fifth show of Christmas, Scotwot gave to me... Will and Grace acting snarky! These are possibly the most quotable and hilarious Christmas episodes I've ever watched, plus the celebrity appearances are fabulous! I love Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen more than any other sitcom characters and want each of them as my own snarky, booze-filled, pajama-wearing, synchronized-dancing friends. Please, Santa? All of the holiday episodes are fantastic, whether it's breaking a prized ornament and then dealing with its manipulative owner, wondering if you should put your career before friendship, praying to Santa for help, waiting in line for tickets you don't even want just because your friend is a Fanilow, being snubbed by your mother at Hanukkah, going on a foursome road trip, or my most favorite, reading aloud your very own story of "The 12 Gays of Christmas." Will and Grace has the entire holiday season covered and then some! Christmas may come once a year but in W&G 's universe, fake sympathy, bitchiness, terrible advice, and too much booze are here to stay. I have a sneaking feeling we might all be secret Fanilows. As Karen says, "We're waiting in line for a man called Barry Manilow. He's cuter than Deepak and you don't have to buy a lot of crap to believe in him!" BTW, if you've never seen the brilliant Debra Messing's rendition of "Mandy" then you are in for a treat!   For the sixth show of Christmas, TelevisonFanboy gave to me... Kwanzaa-bot, Robonukkah, and Dr. Z. No show celebrates the holidays quite like Futurama . A thousand years in the future, Christmas is now pronounced Xmas and run by an out-of-control robot Santa Claus (voiced by John Goodman). Every year on Xmas Eve, Robot Santa comes to deliver judgment of the nice and naughty, inevitably judging everyone (excluding Dr. Zoidberg) as having been naughty. If you like your holiday specials dystopian and hilarious, Futurama delivers in spades. But the holiday-themed fun doesn't stop there. Futurama also has Kwanzaa-bot (voiced by Coolio) and the oh-so-memorable Hanukkah zombie. In the spirit of unity, these three come together to save Earth while educating children on the wonders of each holiday. If that sounds ridiculous to you, it is. But these holiday-themed episodes are sure to bring joy to anyone who watches them! And for those of you who don't watch them... Robot Santa is not merciful.   For the seventh show of Christmas, Scotwot gave to me... the Arrested Development family! Some shows defy written explanation; they have to be seen to be believed. Arrested Development is one such show. Narrated by Ron Howard, it has an exceptional ensemble cast, none of whom have any qualms about making complete fools of themselves. A quick summary of some of the show's characters (and names) should send you racing to buy a complete box set of what is one of the funniest cult comedies, ever: There's a sociopathic matriarch who belittles her children at every opportunity, a hapless patriarch, a "nearly nude" who tends to speak (innocently, yet almost all the time) in double and sometimes triple entendres. Then there's Buster, who was in the womb for 10 and a half months and in adulthood still lives with his mother. There's a self-obsessed daughter and a grandson named George Michael — but even his name pales in comparison to son G.O.B.'s name. Pronounce it at your own risk! Trying to keep all of their madness, ridiculous ideas, and nefarious schemes in check is Michael, the only relatively sane person in the entire family. Although he did name his son George Michael, so even his sanity is in question. Ain't no one getting out of this family with their wits intact! Especially at Christmas… Ah, the Bluth office Christmas party, this is exactly how the boss should (not) behave. Yep, we've all been to that party. (Some of us still have to go to them.) Ever the peacemaker, Michael gets on stage with his niece and tries to lighten the mood with some spontaneous karaoke, thinking they will cheer up everyone in the office! Michael's happy! However, "Afternoon Delight" is the one song no one should ever sing with a relative, something Michael discovers just a little too late. Oops! Meanwhile, his sister is too preoccupied to care about what her daughter is singing. For Lindsay, the Christmas party means one thing and one thing only! She grabbed what? Oh, Michael, why are you surprised? It's Lindsay! Well, it wouldn't be a Bluth Christmas party if everyone didn't end the night feeling sad… Hoping your Christmas is a lot happier than the Bluths', but really, could it get much worse?   For the eighth show of Christmas, TelevisionFanboy gave to me... The Office with GIFs aplenty! The U.S. adaptation of The Office has some of TV's best holiday episodes, period. Michael Scott does not throw a party halfway, often leading to a full-blown catastrophe. But rather than having to listen to me droll on about it, let's learn by example. The Office Christmas party lessons: Step 1: How to not put up the tree. Step 2: Shots will be required. Step 3: No stupid costumes allowed! Step 4: Try not to make a scene. And finally, step 5: Jumping in unison is impossible in large groups.   What's your favorite Christmas TV memory? Share below! p { text-align: justify; }

'Futurama' actor reads Donald Trump quotes as Zapp Brannigan

Make America great again? No, make America Brannigan. Donald Trumps campaign speeches and interviews can often include very broad hyperbole (recent examples: Trump saying President Barack Obama founded ISIS and insinuating that Second Amendment people should stop Hillary Clinton). So much so, in... ....Read More... //

This Live-Action FuturamaFan Film Is Both Incredibly Impressive and Creepy

Lets begin with some much-deserved kudos: Fan-o-rama , this fan-made Futurama flick, is just mind-boggling in its accuracy. The newly released trailer does its level best to capture the unusual characters, locations, and pastel palette of Matt Groenings beloved show. Even the shows character designs have been brought to life... and thats the problem.   Read More... //

Another Futurama/Simpsons Crossover is 'Possible'

During a Simpsons panel at SDCC, Matt Groening hinted at the possibility of another Futurama crossover.   Read More... //

Katey Sagal is confident 'Futurama' could return

"Futurama" may have aired its series finale in 2013, but that doesn't mean it's dead. After crossing over with "The Simpsons," fans of the show are excited all over again at the possibility for the show getting a new life.Katey Sagal (Leela) seems to think the show's return is a definite possibility while speaking to Zap2it. "I find that show is so fan-driven that it makes sense that somebody should pick it up," she says.Luckily, the cast of the show are still fans themselves, as Sagal adds, "We would totally be on board and I wouldn't be surprised, you know? It's a show that always kind of shows up again."When promoting the crossover special, John DiMaggio (Bender) was also confident there could be a future for the animated series. "The last episode ended the way it did and totally left the door open for more things to happen," he says. "Whether it comes back to... //

'The Simpsons'-'Futurama' Crossover: Is Marge the Key to Destroying the Future? (Exclusive Video)

The Planet Express crew heads to Springfield on Sunday.   Read More... //

Bender Will Be A Bart-Killing Terminator In Futurama/Simpsons Crossover

Futurama may be over, but its characters have at least one more TV story to tell. In the first image from the Futurama / Simpsons crossover episode, we see Bender as a time-traveling Terminator, sent back to kill Bart before the boy can cause a horrible catastrophe.   Read More... //

Simpsons'-'Futurama Crossover to Air in November

Good news, everyone! And woohoo! The crossover between Matt Groening series The Simpsons and Futurama is coming in just a few months. The crossover episode of the two series will air on Fox as an episode of The Simpsons in November, Simpsons producer Al Jean said during a panel at the Television Critics Association on Sunday.   Read More... //

SideReel's Favorite Nerds

With the premiere of the riotously funny Silicon Valley , SideReel's editorial team got to thinking about our favorite TV nerds. Being of that disposition ourselves, we had a lot of very well-informed opinions, backed up by rigorously researched and tested evidence. But in the end, we had to pick just eight—and so we did. Think we missed yours? Sound off in the comments.   Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey  S1E4: A Sky Full of Ghosts Like everyone else in the world, the editorial team members are big fans of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Following in his mentor Carl Sagan's footsteps, he's bringing complex scientific concepts to the masses through storytelling, analogies, and mind-blowing graphics. The show isn't without controversy, but it's fascinating, and when Tyson makes physics personal, we can't help but want to be swept along for the ride.     The Big Bang Theory  S2E13: The Friendship Algorithm The best part of  The Big Bang Theory has always been Jim Parsons' portrayal of Sheldon Cooper: the brilliant, jittery, physicist who's also one of the most off-kilter straight men ever to be seen on TV. Throughout its long run, we've gotten plenty of great Sheldon episodes, but this one from midway through season two is the first time it really all coalesces. As the episode title implies, he creates an scientific process for making friends—with predictably zany results.    @midnight  S2E38: Nikki Glaser/Steve Agee/Kyle Kinane We'd be remiss if we didn't include the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick on this list. He'd already done more for today's nerdkind than almost anyone else, and then Comedy Central went and gave him his own nightly game show. As host, he gets comedians to riff on everything from the day's internet headlines, to emojii, Star Wars fan art, and Craigslist cosplay personals. It's on late (it starts, as Hardwick always announces, at 11:59 and 59 seconds), but it's making waves among TODAY'S YOUTH (and those of us on the cusp of olds-hood), and it's a good way to get in your daily recommended dose of belly laughs.   Breaking Bad  S1E1: Pilot Over the course of  Breaking Bad 's run, Walter White came to stand for many, many things, but rewatching the pilot is a good reminder that before he was The One Who Knocks, Heisenberg, meth kingpin of the American Southwest, and the best anti-hero, um, EVER, he was just a high school chemistry teacher; a nerd, if you will. He made science cool for Jesse Pinkman (for a little while at least), and he definitely lived the motto safety first when it came to cooking. What a role model!   The X-Files  S2E22: F. Emasculata If ever the divide between geek and nerd was on display, it was in the personas of Mulder and Scully. Mulder was the geek, Scully was the nerd. She had a rigorous scientific background (don't forget, she was a medical doctor!) and always came equipped with a gun and a hefty dose of skepticism—or at least she did before the show went off the deep end. In "F. Emasculata", her training is in full display as she tackles an unstoppable plague sweeping through a prison's population.    The Late Show with David Letterman  S21E31: February 27, 2014 We didn't have to pick this particular episode of  Letterman , but the inclusion of  the "Stupid Human Tricks" segment didn't hurt. A pioneer in the world of late night comedy, Letterman will be sorely missed when he steps down at the end of his current contract (Spring 2015). He brought a curiousity not present prior to his reign that's now a staple of late night shows. From "Will it Float?" to "Know Your Current Events" to the aforementioned "Stupid Human Tricks", there was always a burning desire to know something behind those fashionable spectacles. Whoever takes over the  Late Show throne will have to match that.   Firefly  S1E9: Ariel Thousands of gallons of digital ink have been metaphorically spilled discussing the merits and cancelation of this modern classic series, so please don't begrudge us adding a few more words. Simon Tam, like his sister, River, was a prodigy, the Doogie Howser of his time, even. Thankfully, he only used his unmatched scientific skills for good (or at least what passed for good in the ambiguous world of  Firefly ), and in "Ariel" we get to see the demons with which he wrestles, and just how much he'd have been able to accomplish if he'd been willing to play the game rather than going rogue.    Futurama  S5E10: The Farnsworth Parabox Good news! The last fantastic nerd on our list is Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, citizen of Earth circa the year 3000. He's tenured at Mars University, is a perennial contender for the Nobel Prize, and he's definitely unparalleled at using his abilities to create insane things, like, for instance, a box containing another universe—in which his doppelganger has created a box which contains our universe. It hurts our brains, but that's why Farnsworth is in a league of his own.      Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of Her nerd power is the complete recall of plots from 19-year-old episodes of Sliders . You can follow her musings on  Twitter .