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'Futurama' series finale: Fry and Leela get a twisted happy ending

Futuristic delivery guy Philip J. Fry (voice of Billy West) finally gets his happy ending with the lovely Leela (voice of Katey Sagal), albeit with dire consequences for the rest of the universe, as "Futurama" ends its long run Wednesday, Sept. 4, on Comedy Central."We wanted to push the Fry and Leela relationship to its conclusion," executive producer David X. Cohen, who co-created "Futurama" with Matt Groening of "The Simpsons," tells Zap2it. "If this really is our last episode, we wanted to have a payoff for this story that has been bubbling on and off for the last 13 years. We decided to give fans Fry and Leela's wedding, although, of course, in a twisted sci-fi way."If Cohen sounds a little uncertain whether his show is really ending, you have to cut the guy some slack. He's been here before, but this animated series -- which premiered on Fox back in 1999, then found new... //

'Futurama' Series Finale Blasts Off With 'Futurama Live' Pre- and Post-Show Live-Stream Chats With Matt Groening and David X Cohen

Comedian Chris Hardwick Moderates.   Read More... //

"Futurama" Series Finale Blasts Off with "Futurama Live!"

Chris Hardwick will host the pre- and post-shows surrounding Wednesday's series finale on Comedy Central.   Read More... //

Futurama proves that I'm dead inside

There are plenty of ways to find out that you've moved past the point of basic compassion for humans, but the most embarrassing is enlightenment-by-TV-show. Sadly, that's what I've had to deal with while watching Fry interact with his family in "Game of Tones."   Read More...   //

'Adventure Time'/'Futurama' crossover: John DiMaggio sings 'Bacon Pancakes' as Bender

What would happen if Bender from "Futurama" were to sing Jake the Dog's "Adventure Time" "Bacon Pancakes" song? Fortunately, we now know the answer. John DiMaggio voices both characters, and was asked to sing the fan-favorite song during a recent visit to the 1337 Lounge. The result is pretty amazing. "Futurama" and "Adventure Time" just did a crossover episode that aired Aug. 7. Watch the original "Bacon Pancakes" song below:... //

'Adventure Time' and 'Futurama' crossover episode coming this week

This week's "Futurama" episode is going to add a whole lot more credibility to the theory that "Adventure Time" is set in the same universe. The two cartoons are getting an epic crossover episode that is set to air Aug. 7 at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. The above image, courtesy of the "Futurama" Facebook page, is a sneak peek at what the crossover will look like. It's worth noting that John DiMaggio voices both Bender and Jake the Dog, so hopefully there will be at least one nod to the fact that the two characters kind of sound like each other. Considering this last season of "Futurama" seems to be going out with a bang, our assumption is that it will likely be even more meta than that. Meanwhile, a new episode of "Adventure Time" airs tonight on Cartoon Network at 7:30 p.m. ET.... //

Futurama salutes the new generation of bad actors

Futurama has had a rocky history with pop culture critique. Its latest episode, "Calculon 2.0," succeeds because it actually has something to say. Something really mean. Read More... //

Futurama Season 7 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

Yet another attempt at a Futurama final Comic Con panel went off Saturday in Ballroom 20. Only David Cohen and Matt Groening are the "panelists". The rest of the cast is in attendance, but they are listed as "guests" because apparently only 5 panelists were allowed. Katey Segal got a massive pop. A lot of Married with Children fans in the audience apparently. Or Sons of Anarchy. Or something else where she’s been awesome. READ MORE...

Comic-Con 2013: 'The Simpsons' and 'Futurama' crossover is happening

It may be hard to believe, but "The Simpsons" is going into it's 25th year on the air. To celebrate, the creator, producers and writers arrived at Comic-Con 2013 to have a good time with the fans.The panel starts with a sneak peak at the 2013 "Treehouse of Horror" intro, directed by Guillermo Del Toro, which includes homages to nearly any thriller or horror movie or book you could think of. Everything from zombies, to Stephen King, to even Cthulhu gets a little tribute. There's even a moment of Lisa in "Alice in Wonderland" and an appearance by "Futurama's" Hypnotoad.The Hypnotoad was also used as an introduction to announce a full crossover happening between "The Simpsons" and Futurama. The casts will record the episode in August and it will be used as either the season 25 finale of season 26 premiere of "The Simpsons." The crossover was alluded to in the "Futurama" panel that... //

'Futurama' hits Comic-Con for the last time, shows finale footage

After seven seasons, "Futurama" is in reaching its end ... Again. The animated comedy was originally canceled by FOX in 2003, but an undying fanbase led to it rising from the ashes on Comedy Central in 2008, with three more seasons following.September 4 will see the second end of the show, but before that the cast and crew descend on Comic-Con one last time to greet their fans. Head writer David X. Cohen and series creator Matt Groening are out first. They explain that Comic-Con won't let them bring the cast on as panelists, because there's just too many of them.Instead, they're brought out as guests, with Billy West and Katey Sagal getting the loudest applause from the crowd.The cast kicks off the panel with a table reading of the first act of the episode's series finale, "Meanwhile." The episode finds Fry (West), Leela (Sagal) and Bender (John DiMaggio) making a delivery to the... //