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Futurama gets a current event just right

"The Inhuman Torch" shows off how fun Futurama is when it features a great parody of current events. It stumbles, a little, when it comes to the relationships in the show — but at least it has Zapp Brannigan. Read more... //

Comedy Central is Coming to Comic-con: 'Brickleberry', 'Futurama', 'South Park' & 'Workaholics' Panels

COMEDY CENTRAL will descend upon San Diego Comic-Con with a multitude of awesome events. The schedule includes panels from "Workaholics" on Thursday, July 18 from 2:00-3:00 p.m., Ubisoft’s "South Park: The Stick of Truth" videogame on Thursday, July 18 from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Read More... //

Matt Groening's 'Futurama' is ready for its intergalactic send-off

'Futurama' is no stranger to final acts, but this time creator Matt Groening is set for an ending worthy of Bender, Fry and the rest of the sci-fi cartoon crew. "Futurama," the other cartoon series created by Matt Groening, is nearing the end. Now in its final 13-episode half-season, it was born on Fox in 1999, canceled in 2003 and revived from its state of suspended animation by Comedy Central in 2008. Read More... //,0,2257058.story

Comedy Central's 'Futurama' Takes Dig at NBC (Video)

The animated series mocks the network's love of cop dramas and recent ratings woes.      //

Futurama gets its snap and its heart back

After a couple of lackluster episodes starting off its final season, Futurama hits its stride. "T: The Terrestrial" features great lines, but more importantly, great tributes to classic science fiction. Read more... //

Seth MacFarlane Books Canine Role in ‘Futurama’ Season 7

When Fry’s beloved pooch Seymour returns in Futurama‘s seventh and final season, he’ll have a voice and that voice will be Seth MacFarlane’s. As first reported by EW, The Family Guy creator will provide Seymour’s only spoken dialogue in an episode that takes the Planet Express crew inside Fry’s dreams in order to complete a mission in 1999. The episode will also feature the reappearance of Sarah Silverman as the voice of Fry’s former girlfriend, Michelle. READ MORE...

'Game of Thrones' star Emilia Clarke records voice for 'Futurama' - See the pic!

"Game of Thrones" might have just completed its third season, but leading lady Emilia Clarke isn't taking her time off to rest. Instead, the Brit is busy recording a voice for the final episodes of "Futurama." Clarke's involvement with "Futurama" was first announced in early May, and a photo posted to "Futurama's" Facebook page proves that she kept her word. This will be Clarke's first time recording a voice for a cartoon television series. According to "Futurama" executive producer David X. Cohen, Clarke's character on the show is a flower stand owner who has no sense of smell. "She falls in love with Dr. Zoidberg -- the smelliest character on Earth in the future -- but she can't smell him, so it's a match made in heaven," Cohen teased recently to Entertainment Weekly. "However, being a doctor, he has the opportunity to perform a nose transplant and give her a sense of smell, which would... //

Final Season of 'Futurama' to Premiere Wednesday, June 19 on Comedy Central

“Futurama” rockets into space for the (second) final time as the Emmy® Award-winning series will conclude its long history with this summer’s all-new season. Read More... //

New 'Futurama' Sneak Peek Is Hard to Digest, Literally (Video)

Chew on this, "Futurama" fans. Comedy Central has released a sneak peek at the upcoming final season of animated fan favorite "Futurama," as part of its 50 Day Countdown to the show's June 19 season premiere. Read More... //

Video: The Future Is Near! Get Ready for the Final Season Premiere of "Futurama" with the "50 Day Countdown"

Every day for 50 days the network will release a new piece of exclusive content from the show. Read More... //