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After a four year encore on Comedy Central, Futurama bid another fond farewell, as its series finale aired Wednesday night; and though it may be painful to see the show end, we can at least take comfort in knowing that it went out on a high note. The episode, titled "Meanwhile," began with a fun trip down memory lane, as Fry, Leela and Bender returned to visit the moon -- the first place they went on their very first delivery together. ("Man, we sure used to try harder back then.") Leela's subsequent death scare was a good way to jumpstart Fry's resolve to propose to her, and I particularly enjoyed Fry's late-night "pep talk" with a cranky Bender. ("Come ii-iiin.") Read More... //

'Futurama' Finale 'Meanwhile': A Fitting End To A Beautiful Series

The first episode of Futurama aired in 1999 when the concept of the 2000s seemed so futuristic and foreign. Thirteen years later, the show brought more emotional moments than any cartoon ever shoul... //

Futurama Series Finale Review: A Glitch in Time

In more ways than one, “Meanwhile” ended a frequently cynical show on a disarmingly optimistic note.  Read More... //

Futurama Signs Off With Its Latest Series Finale

  The Futurama producers have plenty of experience writing series finales. After all, Wednesday's episode marks the fourth time they've thought they were bringing their outrageous animated sci-fi comedy to a close. Originally canceled by Fox back in 2003, the show later gained new life (and fans) with a series of DVD movies before Comedy Central resurrected the show in 2010. Producers thought their new home would last just one season, so they prepared for another ending. Now, two years later, here they are, signing off again. And this time it's for good. Probably.       //


Once a season or so on Futurama (particularly in these later seasons) there comes an episode that really fires on all cylinders with concept, character and comedy, and this week's "Murder on the Planet Express" was one of those episodes. Within the first few minutes, you knew it was gearing up for an "all hands on deck" kind of premise, as each character was given their own team-up storylines, namely Fry & Bender, Hermes & Zoidberg and Amy & Leela. Read More... //


This week's Futurama began with a mystery, as the Planet Express crew tried to identify the meaning of four alien tones blasting down to Earth. And as it so happened, those tones struck a particular chord with Fry, who last heard them on December 31st, 1999. Read More... //


A few weeks ago, we saw Futurama tackle Saturday morning cartoons, and this week Leela, Fry, Bender and the gang took on fairytales -- though, it was more of an homage to Jack and the Beanstalk than a straight parody of various fables. I must admit, I was a bit weary at the start of "Leela and the Genestalk" as the Planet Express crew decided to hit up a redneck bar, but I couldn't help but smile when I saw the name of the joint was "TEX 1138's." I also chuckled at Leela's comment about line dancing, "It's fun because there's no touching and lots of rules!" But as we soon found out, the redneck bar was merely a setup for Leela's "squidification," as she began to break out in suction cups on the mechanical buggalo. Read More... //


This week's Futurama began with a visit to Peoples Alpha -- the planet of gangs, thugs and hustlers (and "scenic Detroit!") -- as the Planet Express crew was tasked with delivering a crate of weapons to the planet's two most prominent gangs, the "Blips" and the "Cruds." This, of course, was an amusing play on the real-life Crips and Bloods, as evidenced by the names as well as the Professor's humorous and sufficiently confusing rant over the gangs' respective colors: blue and red, and red and blue. Read More... //

We join Bender, and his ass, on a sentimental journey

As Futurama winds down, we take this episode to look back at all the good times it's given us. And we do it with Bender's ass as a motivation. Read More...   //


One year after the demise of Calculon in Futurama's "The Thief of Baghead," everyone's favorite robot actor made a comeback appearance in this week's "Calculon 2.0." The episode started off strong with a Calculon tribute service, where loyal fans "turned out by the several" -- including Fry and Bender -- offering a fun recap of the previous events, while also segueing into the new All My Circuits, which had seemingly lost its charm since Calculon's death -- though, it remained just as addictive, with a fresh blasé protagonist. READ MORE...