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Futurama Preview: ''The Mutants Are Revolting'' Season 6, Episode 12

Futurama fans had a lot to be excited about when it was announced the show would be returning to television. We've all enjoyed the show's run on Comedy Central, but it's coming to an end. Well, this season's run anyway. Futurama's sixth season is wrapping up this Thursday evening with a special episode celebrating the show's one-hundredth episode. The season finale begins with the crew of the Planet Express receiving their one-hundredth order. In the midst of a wild celebration, Fry inadvertently slips up, letting people know that Leela is a mutant. It isn't long before Lela gets banished, only to later take up arms with the mutant version of the band Devo to fight for mutant rights. You can get a preview clip from this episode below. To Read More Click Here .