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Futurama: "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" Review

One might find it difficult to pull off a holiday special when your series runs during the summer months, but not Futurama. Months after airing their last episode from their return season, the series is back for a one-night only (and countless reairs) "Holiday Spectacular." And, oh, it's worth it. This special episode delivers three great holiday tales sure to bring a smile to the season. The first installment of Sunday night's special takes place during the future's deadly celebration of Xmas. And it had to, really. The Xmas episodes from the original run of the series are beloved, so it was inevitable that a holiday special would have this included. Unfortunately, this is the weakest of the episode's three segments. Robot Santa makes an appearance to help sing about the traditions of the holiday, but it's brief. The focus then turns to trying to bring back the extinct pine tree. This is where things drag a bit and then quickly and anticlimactically end. To Read More Click Here.