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Finale 2012: Futurama Season 7 “31st Century Fox; Naturama”

Futurama  Season 7 finale "31st Century Fox; Naturama" airs on Wednesday August 29 starting at 10:00PM on Comedy Central. Synopsis:  In "31st Century Fox," Bender becomes a fox hunting  enthusiast, joining the Huntmaster (guest star  Patrick Stewart) on a high-class outing. But his love of the hunt turns to outrage when he realizes they are hunting not a regular flesh-and-blood fox, but rather a poor, innocent robot fox. Determined to take a stand for robot rights, he sets out to sabotage the next hunt only to find his plan has gone horribly wrong when he himself becomes the hunted. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/08/29/finale-2012-futurama-season-7-31st-century-fox-naturama/