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Gad Guard Box Set DVD Review

Originally released by Geneon in seven volumes, FUNimation picked up this license and brought the series down to four volumes. When the show was first released, it's one that really had me interested in the first couple of volumes but became more difficult as it went on. Because of the length of the release and the time between volumes, I wondered if that impacted it enough to make it difficult to get into when the story goes for less linear turns later on in it. So taking in the series again, some six years later, I was curious to see if the flow of it worked better and to see how well the show aged. With it being an original story, that also had a light novel series released alongside it, it has a very different approach to begin with than a manga serialization adpated into anime form. Gad Guard takes place in a future, some couple hundred of years from now, in which the world has not fared well. Talk of incidents years ago in particular highlight that the various cities that people live in, seeming mini nation-states called Units, engaged in a bloody fight over devices called Gads that were found and mined heavily in one particular Unit. While that one originally had a good monopoly going, it ended badly by having the whole thing destroyed because of greed and the actions caused by the Gads themselves. Because of that, the Gads have been largely absent for years, but there are those that collect them as a symbol of power and status. The more Gads you have in their small box form, the higher your standing. Read More Click Me!