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  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s1e26Vulture Of The Bride
    • s1e25All Webbed Up, Nowhere To Go
    • s1e24Boris For President
    • s1e23Eight Hands Are Quicker Than Gadget Boy
    • s1e22Jaws And Teeth
    • s1e21Pirate Of The Airwaves
    • s1e20Power Of Babble
    • s1e19Gadget Boy's Tiniest Adventure
    • s1e18Jurassic Spydra
    • s1e17Monumental Mayhem
    • s1e16The Day The Gadget Boy Stood Still
    • s1e15Gadget Boy And The Dumpling Gang
    • s1e14Treasure Of The Sierra Gadget
    • s1e13My Gadget Guard
    • s1e12Gadget Boy Squadron
    • s1e11Double Double Toil And Dabble
    • s1e10Gadget Boy And The Uncommon Cold
    • s1e9Gadget Boy And The Ship Fools
    • s1e8From Russia with Gadget Boy
    • s1e7Raiders of the Lost Mummies
    • s1e6Gadget Boy and the Great Race
    • s1e5All That Gadgets Is Not Glitter
    • s1e4You Oughtta Be In Pictures
    • s1e3Gadget Boy and the Wee Folk
    • s1e2Gadget Boy in Toyland
    • s1e1Don't Burst My Bubble