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  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes
    • s1e25Back To The Vulture
    • s1e24Gadget-Stein
    • s1e23Some Assembly Required
    • s1e22Go West, Young Vulture
    • s1e21Bionic Blunder From Down Under.
    • s1e20Hot Time In The Old Cage Tonight
    • s1e19The Three Gadget-eers
    • s1e18A Gadget Boy Christmas Around The World
    • s1e17Just Fakir-ing It
    • s1e16Madame Spydra-Fly
    • s1e15It's Not Easy Staying Green
    • s1e14No Laughing Matter
    • s1e13An Extinct Possibility
    • s1e12A Whale Of a Sail Of a Tale
    • s1e11All's Fair At The World's Fair
    • s1e10Coming In On a Web And a Prayer
    • s1e9Three Braniacs In a Fountain
    • s1e8Ice Station Vulture
    • s1e7The Time Land Forgot
      August 13, 2011
    • s1e6Valley Of The Vulture
    • s1e5An Ice Age Runs Through It
    • s1e4These Are a Few of My Favorite Flying Things
    • s1e3For Whom The Torch Rolls
    • s1e2The Long And Winding Wall
    • s1e1The Vulture Has Landed