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AMC Renews 'Game of Arms' for Second Season

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'Game of Arms' episode 4 photos: A vegan arm-wrestler in 'Bloodlines'

"Game of Arms" pits an arm wrestler against both a competitor and himself in "Bloodlines." Zap2it has a few exclusive photos from episode 4 of the AMC series, showing some of the matches fans can expect on Tuesday (March 18).In the episode, Rob Bigwood -- a tattooed vegan from New York -- has to deal with his own crippling doubts while training for a match. His opponent, the soft-spoken and gun-totin' Chop Bertrand, may be able to use those doubts to his own advantage.What else is coming in "Bloodlines"? Photos give some clues.Dan Fortuna, Kevin Nelson, Mike Selearis and Patrick Baffa share a pre-match fistbump.Baffa and Turbo Joshua Barrows fight it out on the table.Nelson and Ray Hennerichs take their turn at wrestling."Game of Arms" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.... //