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Gang Related Finale Review: Broken Bonds

In the name of doing "right," everyone ended up crossing the line by the end of  Gang Related  Season 1 .  Javier's plans to get his family out of the gang world fell apart with each decision he made, while Chapel crossed the line time and time again to try and clean up the street. They were on opposite sides of the law, yet both ended up doing horrific things in the name of protecting their family, the city, or for revenge. Ryan was caught in the middle trying to do right by his family, while constantly seeing the errors of that lifestyle. On the other side, he saw Chapel set up Daniel and destroy the innocent man's life and for what? It didn't make the city or world a better place for anyone, rather Chapel created a new El Hefe. Read more:  //

Gang Related Review: Payback

Have you picked your jaw up off the ground yet? You know what hit the fan on  Gang Related  Season 1 Episode 12  and it wasn't pretty. Where to even start? It's crazy how much stuff went down in one episode. With secret alliances and unexpected manipulations, just about anything could happen next. Read more:  //

Gang Related Review: Golden Boy No More

Javier Acosta's dream of going clean and living out a peaceful life came crashing down when he was arrested and then booked on  Gang Related  Season 1 Episode 11 . Out of all the scenarios that ran through his mind of how his life would go, I doubt he ever considered that Ryan would be the one who would arrest him and then double down by testifying against his surrogate father. What an unexpected turn of events! Read more:  //

Gang Related Review: Enemies

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? That may be the case sometimes, but Javier Acosta wasn't having any part of that philosophy on  Gang Related  Season 1 Episode 9 . Instead, Acosta thought he could handle the situation with the Metas on his own, even after the cartel blow up a food truck during a Los Angelicos festival. Read more:  //

Gang Related Review: Crossing the Line

What's right? Is it acceptable to cross the line from right to wrong in the attempt to do good? On  Gang Related  Season 1 Episode 8 , the good and bad guys are making terrible decisions driven by the desire to protect one's family. The result is even more poor decision making and turmoil.  I'm done even attempting to justify Javier Acosta's choices. At this point, I'm not sure whether it's poor character development from the writers or that they intend for him to be so misguided. Either way, I don't care. He claims he wants to get out of illegal business and get clean, but his actions run counter to that goal. Read More... //

Gang Related Review: Golden Boy

How is it possible that Javier successfully led the Los Angelicos for decades and now all of a sudden everything is going wrong? The only explanation for this shift in circumstances is that he wants to leave the criminal life behind and go legit. While I guess that's plausible, I'm having a difficult time believing that a man who had the foresight to plan Daniel and Ryan's futures as he did, would be so reckless to get into his current bind. On  Gang Related  Season 1 Episode 7 , Javier's plan to free his family hit a snag and he was forced into action to save his son, Daniel. Read More... //

Gang Related Review: Twice Raided

Each week, it gets more and more difficult to understand the Acosta family and the actions they take with the intention of going legit. On  Gang Related  Season 1 Episode 6 , Javier's decision to move into fishscale began to look like his downfall. His greed to make more money before he got out of the drug business now threatened his ability to get out at all. Read More... //

Gang Related Review: For Family

The things you do for family... I didn't think I could dislike Carlos any more than I already did, but I was wrong. He went from killing a cop and beating up his therapist to killing kids in an attempt to win over his father on  Gang Related  Season 1 Episode 5 . He couldn't have been more misguided in his actions or belief about what would happen. His father may want to get the family clean, but there's no indication that Carlos agrees with that path. Read More... //

Gang Related Review: Love of Family

Gang Related has an uncanny ability to create situations where I feel for appalling people. Heartstrings were pulled for the worst of the worst on  Gang Related Season 1 Episode 3 . Despite the horrors perpetuated by the gangs and drug cartels, they are comprised of human beings and families. Did I feel bad about my sadness over despicable individuals? Not really.  Read More... //

Gang Related Review: Living Lies

What did Ryan trigger when set up Carlos' shooting? A gang war. After being on the Gang Task Force and growing up with the Acosta family, it's surprising he didn't understand the deadly ramifications of texting J-Dubs. He wanted vengeance for his partner and to protect his family from Carlos, but instead he created more danger and derailed plans for the Acosta family to go clean. It was shocking to find out that Carlos survived the attack. There were so many bullets flying around his car, it's a miracle that he didn't die immediately. Ultimately, Ryan failed and only made matters worse for him and his family. Read More... //