Recaps for Gangland

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The History channel has really branched off into programs that really do not pertain to history. For example, "Ice Road Trucker"and "Ax Men." Now they feel some need to produce a program showing low-life scum bags crawling around our cities like maggots. I do not feel informed nor do I wish to learn about these people except that they need to get taken off the streets. The Latin Kings, The Bloods and whomever else is part of a gang is nothing more than a menace to decent society because we have to pay whenever a crime is committed either by our taxes or someone getting killed. Our cities are over-flowing with people like this that have no desire to live an honest life except to make trouble and then try to justify it by saying that the gang they are in is their family. We live in a society that tolerates entirely too much and when I saw this program these gangs really do have the control, and they know it.Our public leaders and police are powerless. It is almost like when they are on camera they mock the system. America is really a haven for criminals.