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Gatchaman Crowds Episode #12 Anime Review

There has been no episode I’ve been more nervous about this season than the finale of Crowds, one of my favorite shows of the year. So when a picture goes around of Nakamura bowing deeply as an apology, I couldn’t help but worry. The finale does let me down in some ways: There is no climactic battle that rips the earth in two, or massive MESS intervention to save humanity, or Hajime giving up her life to save the planet. But each of those things would work against the main message of the series: That people need to be their own heroes. Those waiting for action to deliver must be the most disappointed, as animation and tension reached their pinnacle in episode 7, never to return again. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #11 Anime Review

The best and worst thing about anime is that producers and commercially minded people tend to leave the artistic decisions up to the artists. Sometimes this pays off fantastically, like with Evangelion or Utena. Other times there are hiccups, like with Gargantia or the controversial end of Flowers of Evil. But what it means is the fan must be ever vigilant, as you can never be sure your favorite anime won’t turn to crap at any moment. With two episodes left, we were almost in the clear, but Gatchaman makes a flub. It’s not a fatal one, and it’s one that was most likely pressed on the production due to time and money limitations, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #10 Anime Review

Gatchaman Crowds has toyed with a lot of sentai convention thus far, having Hajime make the other members of the G-team worry about food safety or go babysit kids at a preschool. But it still has the sentai spirit at heart, so when it comes time for a traditional stirring conclusion, it’s not going to back down from that. So in episode 10, we basically have the episode that wraps up Jou’s and Paiman’s story arcs, giving them back their fighting spirit, and starting the final confrontation with the big bads. And it plays out wonderfully. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #09 Anime Review

The last episode ended with Rui being confronted by one of the victims of his idealistic bloodless revolution: The daughter of one of his “Hundred” who became comatose when attacked by Berg Katze. He is briefly frightened, but soon regains his composure and tells the girl to keep believing in him, even though it’s not certain if there is any way for the wounded to recover. By not running, and facing his problems, Hajime is able to notice him and take her back to Gatchaman HQ as it is currently set up: Hajime’s apartment. Rui’s physical wounds are healed by Utsutsu, and the psychological ones inflicted by vicious internet haters are soothed by Hajime. The good guys are all finally teamed up, although Joe is still in his self-imposed exile for his failure to handle Katze single-handedly. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #08 Anime Review

The last episode ended after Hajime and Sugane witnessed the 5AM sunrise. This episode doesn’t start until a few hours later, and Sugane left Hajime on her own. You can just imagine her in her room, perhaps chatting to Giraccho, perhaps writing in her notebooks, but she’s sitting there, scheming, trying to counter Berg Katze’s next move. She comes up with a foolproof plan, goes to buy a popsicle, and heads to Gatchaman HQ just in time to see everyone moping about. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #07 Anime Review

The title of episode 7 is “Abjection”, in keeping with its focus on artistic themes, and abject art is that which is rejected by or attacks the social order. Fittingly, this is the episode when Berg Katze’s attack on the social order of Earth begins in proper, though he would surely argue it was a matter of self-defense. But this is also the episode where we truly see how cast off and despondent our main heroes are: Rui, certainly, but the G-Team as well. Having seen the face of a god in JJ, they have come to learn the breadth and weight of the universe. However, they are still mere beat cops, going after alien life forms they can’t hope to understand, taking orders from a capricious being that speaks only in riddles. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #06 Anime Review

The last episode ended with Hajime transforming into a Gatchaman in a period of crisis: a tunnel had collapsed, and people were trapped inside as fires raged. Picking up from that point, Sugane rushes after her, still in human form, and as usual, trying to keep her from causing trouble. Meanwhile, Utsutsu is inspired to assist by Hajime’s example, and she uses her powers to transfer life to heal people. Joe warns Utsutsu that she is only draining her own life force in doing so, and volunteers some of his life force for her rescue attempt. Meanwhile, Hajime approaches Rui, and to everyone’s shock and amazement, she removes her helmet to introduce herself to him. Panicked, Sugane grabs Hajime and flees the scene, but the damage has been done: a security camera captured Hajime in her Gatchaman uniform, and beamed it right to a crisis management center somewhere in the city. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #05 Anime Review

The episode title this time is “collaboration”, as this is the first time we see Gatchaman and CROWDS together. It was inevitably going to happen, but I can’t deny I’m a bit disappointed, as I would have loved to see Hajime and Rui in their separate worlds just a little bit longer. But when you only have 12 episodes, you have to move things along, and Gatchaman Crowds has always moved along quickly. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #04 Anime Review

The last episode seemed to prove once and for all that the internet and normal people are able to take care of themselves. Superheroes aren’t any good, after all, at handing everyday social problems, and even when taking care of an alien menace (such as MESS was supposed to be), they can’t be trusted to tell true enemies from misunderstood entities. So the future lies in GALAX… Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #03 Anime Review

The Gatchaman element of the show’s title was always obvious, but there was always speculation about what “Crowds” might refer to. I had assumed that it was a reference to social media, with terms like “crowdfunding” and “crowdsourcing” increasingly being used. I wasn’t wrong, but Crowds also refers more directly to another group that Gatchaman Crowds introduces in its third episode, “Futurism”. Read More... //