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Gatchaman Crowds Episode #02 Anime Review

With fairly weak Winter and Spring seasons, I thought I might be able to take the rest of the year easy before ultimately naming Flowers of Evil the best show of 2013. The first episode of Crowds seemed rather orthodox aside from its unique visuals and fantastic score by Taku Iwasaki. Now, out of almost nowhere, Gatchaman Crowds makes a mad dash forward with a gleam of ambition in its eyes. Whether it can actually live up to the potential suggested here is unknown, but at the very least it seems that more things happen in this single episode of Crowds than happened in the entire Flowers of Evil series. Director Kenji Nakamura seems to be attempting to beat Summer Wars at its own game, and perhaps update or even deconstruct the sentai series, using Hajime as his assistant. Read More... //

Gatchaman Crowds Episode #01 Anime Review

I didn’t grow up watching Battle of the Planets or G-Force, but I did buy a few volumes of ADV’s Gatchaman release, so I have a basically familiarity with the world of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. First of all, they were ninja a sentai team who used science (or at least science flavored fiction) to fight the evil, megalomaniacal organization Galactor on behalf of the International Science Organization. And here already we have major differences with the world that Gatchaman Crowds presents to us: The characters in Gatchaman Crowds are mostly students, they keep their identities and existence a secret, and the alien technology they use may as well just be mysticism and magic.  Read More... //