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General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle and Ava Get Into It

Things are happening on a brand new General Hospital and it’s for the best. Nelle is in a place right now, and she’s about to make the bad day Ava is having that much worse. She’s not interested in being her friend right now, and she’s not interested in her attitude with Sonny, nor does she care for what Ava stands for. At this moment, she’s going to say what she has to say, and she’s not worried about how Ava feels about it. For once, Nelle is looking to do what’s right rather than doing what other people expect her to do or what makes them feel good. She’s taking a stand, and we are pretty excited to see this entire confrontation from start to finish. It’s going to be good, and we are looking forward to what it means for her. READ MORE...

General Hospital Spoiler, Recap: Finally Julian, Alexis Celebrate Honeymoon; Tracy, Kiki’s Health Gets Serious?

General Hospital on March 1 brought some exciting twists and a lot of health dramas. While the spoilers for this episode had left a hint on the health concerns of the characters, the episode finally revealed whose health is in trouble. In the last "General Hospital" episode, it showed that love birds, Julian and Alexis, celebrate their honeymoon at the Metro Court. Both of them express their love, and Julian is thankful to her. Julian appreciates her patience for understanding him and giving him a second chance to be a good man in the society. Alexis understands his emotions, as reported by Soaps She Knows. READ MORE...

General Hospital Spoilers: Secrets And Surprises Are Everywhere!

As another week in Port Charles comes to a close, it goes without saying that next week is going to be just as interesting. With so many things going on, it’s important that no one gets comfortable, and everybody should be ready to deal with all sorts of shocking events. Seriously, just when things start to look like they’re going to go one way, they end up going another. Over the last few episodes, Sam and Jason have been trying to rekindle their old flame. Of course, Sam knows how she feels about Jason, but he’s just started to remember how he feels about her. Although that sounds like the perfect love story, it has certainly had its consequences. As Jason gets closer to Sam, Jake gets more and more angry. On top of that, Liz is obviously not a fan of Jason and Sam trying to work things out. Well it looks like next week, Sam may not be such a big fan of the whole situation either. Yes, she loves Jason but rebuilding their relationship may prove to be too much for her, and it looks like she’s going to start having some serious second thoughts. Who knows if her decision to fall back will be permanent, but for now, it certainly does seem like the right thing to do. Nobody wants to be involved in a situation that is full of drama, and as long as Jake stays on his little war path, drama is going to be the only thing that Jason and Sam have. READ MORE...

February 5, 2013 - Review

Kevin thwarts Todd, Heather and Lucy’s escape plan.  Kevin says he’s here to help Lucy. Heather knocks Kevin unconscious.  Lucy demands they take Kevin with them.  Britt issues Maxie an ultimatum.   Read More... //

February 4, 2013 - Review

In the PCPD, as John fills in Sam about Rafe having been arrested for his mother's murder, Sam fills in John about Lucy's claim about Rafe's father. At the same time, Rafe tells Anna that he saw John kill his mother. TJ, meanwhile convinces Molly to go to the police station to tell them what she knows about Rafe.    Later, Anna takes Rafe to a cell where he makes an accusation about his mother's murderer, to Sam’s shock. At the same time at the crime scene we see someone staring at the spot where the body dropped.  Read More... //

February 1, 2013 - Review

Sam returns to the police station to tell John about her conversation with Lucy while Anna gets Rafe to open up. TJ finds Molly mooning over  A Streetcar Named Desire  and a flower and she tells him about her encounter with Rafe.  Spinelli brings Ellie home from the hospital and finds Maxie with Lulu preparing for a doctor's visit. Ellie confronts Maxie.  Read More... //

January 30, 2013 - Review

Todd calls Connie from Ferncliff and demands she cease and desist her attempt to run the Sun in his absence. Michael and Starr beg Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. Starr finds out from Connie that Todd is in Ferncliff, blaming his crimes on DID.  AJ makes himself at home in ELQ, basking in his triumph over Tracy. Meanwhile at Kelly’s, Tracy receives a message from Ned that indicates there’s still hope for her bid to control ELQ. At ELQ, AJ and Michael reel when the Sun story hits. Michael and AJ confront Connie about the identity of her source.  Read More... //

January 29, 2013 - Review

Patrick, Britt, Anna, and Mac launch the search for Emma. Sabrina stands up to Britt who tells her she'll regret it. Sabrina says no, if Britt hurts Emma, she'll be the one to regret it.  Connie questions Tracy's desire to destroy ELQ. Connie ends up crying in Tracy's arms with grief over Trey. Tracy goes to see AJ and enigmatically wishes him luck.  Read More... //

January 28, 2013 - Review

AJ and Michael confront Tracy with the proof that she used mob money to finance ELQ. AJ offers Tracy a deal.  Patrick is alarmed that Emma has gone missing on Britt’s watch. Anna arrives and puts her own fears aside as she takes over the search for the little girl, issuing an AMBER alert.  Read More... //

January 25, 2013 - Review

Patrick and Britt take Emma to lunch. While Patrick takes a hospital call, Britt antagonizes Emma, telling her she better get used to her as mommy. Later, Emma goes missing at Kelly's. Meanwhile, Liz and Sabrina discuss her crush on Patrick Drake.  Michael guilts Johnny into handing over proof of Tracy's mob dealings. Meanwhile, Tracy asks Sonny to find out what Johnny has on her, but he's too late. Later, Michael and AJ stick it to Tracy. Carly and AJ have unified parental moment over Michael, and we realize she knows something more when AJ mentions there are "no more Quartermaine heirs."  Read More... //