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  • 15 episodes
    15 episodes
    • s1e15Fangs for the Memories
    • s1e14Edward J. Steichen's Autochromes of Charlotte Spaulding Albright
    • s1e13Face of Asia: Steve McCurry Photographs
    • s1e12The Abraham Lincoln Glass Plate: Keys to Preserving The Legacy with...
    • s1e11Welcome to the Photo Archive
    • s1e10Ghosts In the Landscape: Vietnam Revisited
    • s1e9Introduction to the Photo Conservation Department
    • s1e8Ansel Adams: Celebration of Genius
    • s1e7Lewis W. Hine's Powerhouse Mechanic
    • s1e6Discussing Seeing Ourselves
    • s1e5Speaking of George Eastman House
    • s1e4The Lunar Orbiter Camera
    • s1e3Lucha Libre! Masked Mexican Wrestlers
    • s1e2Pete Turner: Empowered By Color
    • s1e1Preserving the World of Burton Holmes