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‘Get Shorty’ Review: Epix’s Dark-ish Hollywood Melodrama Takes the ‘Fargo’ Route

In Barry Sonnenfeld‘s adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s Get Shorty, John Travolta plays Chili Palmer, a practiced loan shark in the Miami mafia and the noir-comedy’s main protagonist. He talks a lot to people he likes – friendly colleagues, fellow film buffs, etc. – but most of the time, he is direct, curt, and tries to speak mostly in silences. When he’s owed money by someone, he visits them and stares at them as if he "owns" them. This tends to get the job done no matter the zip code. The exception, of course, is Hollywood. Sonnenfeld uses Travolta’s natural charisma and svelte look – circa 1996 – as the centerpiece of his giddily stylized world of criminals and filmmakers, actresses and loan sharks, and much like the book, the character remains largely in the present. There’s little in the way of backstory, and the plot remains clear even when characters like Danny DeVito‘s Martin Weir, a self-obsessed movie star, start stacking up. There’s never a feeling like you’re waiting around for something to happen or a character to be given…well, character, making the film efficient without being rigid or rushed. READ MORE...

Review: For Get Shorty, an Amusing Epix Makeover

Chris ODowd is the thug who wants to make movies, and Ray Romano is the producer he turns to for help. ....Read More...

Get Shorty Review: Epix's Reboot Shoots for Laughs, But Misfires

If nothing else, Epixs reboot of Get Shorty debuting this Sunday at 10/9c can serve as a cautionary tale to other networks: Not every old movie and TV show needs to be rebooted, you know. Get Shorty started life as a 1990 Elmore Leonard novel, then became a 1995 movie starring John Travolta [] //