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21 Gilmore Girls Episodes Team Logan Fans Must Binge NOW

It's been said that Rory Gilmore had the right boyfriend for the right time in her life. If that's true, then Logan Huntzberger is meant to be the voice that helps guide Rory through making decisions about her future and what she truly wants out of life. Rory and Logan's love story didn't start with cautious glances or an intense love triangle.When casual hookups stopped being enough for them, Rory and Logan surprised everyone by making it work as a couple... ...and they certainly did make it work. ...  Read More... //

Who's Gilmore Girls' No. 1 Couple? We Ranked Every Pairing on the Show

There might still be four more months until Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, debuts on the streaming service, but that doesn't mean we can't continue...   Read More... //

'Gilmore Girls': Kirk sums up the fast-talking world of season 1

Coffee + fast talking + coffee + faster talking + The Bangles = Stars Hollow sort of. Ahead of the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life , the showposted a new video to Facebook, in which Kirk (Sean Gunn) does his very best to sum up all of ...  Read More... //

10 Times Kirk Was the Real Star of Gilmore Girls

A year ago, the hope of a Gilmore Girls revival was but a fever dream brought on by too many Red Vines and heated discussions of whether Charles Bukowski would like Jane Austen. At best it was a rumor that was mostly unsubstantiated but nevertheless persisted because if there's one thing the ...   Read More...     //

The Gilmore Girls Revival Will Reveal Michel's Backstory

  Other than the fact he loves chow and hates humans, there's very little Gilmore Girls fans know about Michel ( Yanic Truesdale ). But that's all about to change! "We kind of haven't seen Michel outside of work really," Truesdale told Us Weekly . "I think very rarely he was outside of the Inn. And we ...  Read More...   //

8 Reasons Dave Rygalski Is the Best Gilmore Girls Guy

  Who is the best Gilmore Girls guy? It's a debate as old as time. Er, as old as 2000. "Are you Team Dean, Jess or Logan?," Gilmore fans ask. But what about Team Dave? Dave Rygalski ( Adam Brody ) was Lane's ( Keiko Agena ) boyfriend in Season 3 before Brody got cast on The O.C. , which cruelly took him ...   Read More... //

Entire Gilmore Girls Series Coming to Netflix July 1 Ahead of Revival

Grab a cup of coffee and prepare yourselves for the best news ever: Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix!   Read More... //

9 Gilmore Girls Relationships You Forgot About

Certain Gilmore Girls relationships are unforgettable, but others can slip the mind of all but the most Gilmore obsessed.   Read More... //

Sutton Foster Reveals What She Absolutely Needed to Have From Gilmore Girls Revival Set

Not many people can say they've gotten to work on their "favorite show," but not many people are Sutton Foster. The Younger star re-teamed with her Bunheads boss Amy Sherman-Palladino...   Read More... //

10 Episodes of Gilmore Girls You Should Skip (Really!)

Sorry,Gillys. I know, based on the title alone you're thinking, YOU'RE WRONG! THERE'S NEVER BEEN A BAD EPISODE OF GILMORE GIRLS! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! Let's get real for just a second, Squeegee Beckenheim. Even in a show as amazing and well-written as Gilmore Girls, there are a few failures and flops. Or at the very least, cringe-worthy episodes that you skip upon re-watch binges, (or maybe you just fast forward to the more enjoyable parts.)   Read More...   //