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Gintama Episode #215 Review

With the Pirako and Jirocho arc behind us now, thankfully, Gintama moves on to other things. With the previous arc being so involved in the very earth bound and bloody side of things, this one brings us a bit more of the science fiction that does populate the series as it spends a good part of its time out in space with the amusing cast of characters that exist there, including the cow-butler that I can’t help but to stare at. There’s some amusing moments as it deals with the men there, particularly when they go on about the woman of their dreams in whether she’s more of a DS or a Genesis, followed my insistence that one of them is definitely not a Sega fan, certainly has its moments. But it all comes down to the main point that there are things occurring on Earth that need to be dealt with, tools that need to be put away, and that has them heading there to make sure that their bosses main interests aren’t interfered with. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #214 Review

The return of Otose wasn’t exactly a surprise as the battle reached a pitched level and the fight was really getting intense for a lot of them, including a very bloodied up Pirako and a whole lot of Kabuki men that aren’t anywhere near as pretty as they once were. And that’s saying a hell of a lot considering how un-pretty many of them looked. Otose does her best at the start to really set the mood for how they’re all there to protect the town and to do what’s right rather than fighting amongst themselves over things that in the end don’t even really matter all that much. It’s that rare time that Otose manages to look and sound the right part that is partially bestowed upon her because of her age. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #213 Review

With life in the Kabuki District now being turned upside down as the gang-up on Gin has turned bad since he’s there with Kagura and the others, it’s a huge amount of bloodshed that’s unfolding which is fun. When Gin and the others get serious, it’s a very well animated show that goes beyond its comedy roots and shines pretty well. When it starts to mix the two, as it does after the first minute or two here – including a Rocky theme playing of all things – it’s a hell of a lot of fun as everyone comes to the aid of Gin in order to save Otose’s place and what she’s accomplished in this area. While Gin has made friends and enemies over the years, there are times that all of it is pushed to the side to deal with something that’s important to all of them and this is one of those times. So many have turned out to push back against Jirocho’s gang. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #212 Review

Pirako’s story continues with this episode as she works her way into the world by causing a whole lot of problems. After the incident involving Otose in the previous episode, which has left one of the Four Divas in the hospital in intensive care with the possibility of never waking up, Pirako is making her play against Lady Kada with her goals that need to be accomplished. Kada plays her game close to the chest and it’s amusing to hear Pirako call her out for being difficult to deal with as all women are since you can never tell what they’re really thinking. Considering what Pirako has done since her introduction, it all applies to her as well. Kada does have some choice words that almost seem like they might stab at Pirako, but Pirako continues to be very hard to read with what she wants and what really affects her. She’s always got a reply to people as well which can be a bit annoying after awhile. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #211 Review

With the story of Pirako brought in over the previous episode as she had Gin become her strongest man in the area to help her in her quest, primarily with him making sure she didn’t go crazy, the truth came out about the sunflowers and gardening aspects of what was going on with those that were abused by those in power. Pirako’s dialogue continues to be amusing as she says everything in a flowery way, which makes people like Gin translate as though blood will be shed, but she’s really being rather straightforward about it. But at the same time, she’s made a move to push Gin into becoming the big power of the city in her attempts to take down the big four that have turned things into a stalemate of sorts, an uneasy to be acceptable overall calm, so she can have her revenge. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #210 Review

Gintama goes for introducing a new character this time around that seems like a strange mixture of some parts of Kagura with her personality, but one that’s gone to a very cutely violent realm whereas Kagura is just violent and not at all cute about it. Shinpachi finds himself dealing with a young woman named Pirako who he thought was a sleeping drunk when he first encountered her, but it turns out that she’s intent on finding the strongest man in the Kabuki district with the plan to turn all of that district into a garden of red flowers. It’s poetic, but it’s also just a poetic way of saying she wants to turn it into a sea of blood. At least that’s what both Gin and Shinpachi think as they realize they’ve acquired a very dangerous woman into their group for the duration. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #209 Review

Sometimes Gintama can find itself a little too self involved, which is something that happens for the first several minutes of this episode as it has a ballad performed about Hasegawa, "The God of Cardboard," with a little inset of the guitar and singing going on while clips from the past with the character play out. It starts off cutely enough but when it runs for a couple of minutes, it’s almost sleep inducing because of the style of it. Thankfully, the show wants to change things up a bit after that with a Gintama movie special announcement that gives us a high quality, dark edged looking piece which is also quiet, but at least has a little more impact to it as it shows Gin in battle mode, done in black, white and red, as they’re covered in blood and ready to do what needs to be done. Unlike the music piece, this does at least attract some attention as he pairs up with Katsura against an army. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #208 Review

With the previous episode focusing on Sa-chan pretty heavily with her glasses issue and having Gin and the gang trying to take care of business for a bit, we had a good spot of fun until she ended up so completely beaten up that she just had to be essentially put out of commission for a bit so she could heal. With Zenzo organizing Gin and the gang to protect her while she recovers, he ends up learning pretty quickly here that you can’t really trust them all that much. Kagura falls asleep while guarding Sa-chan, though she at least draws eyes on her eyelids so it looks like she’s awake even as she drifts off. Gin is a bit worse as he goes off looking for hemorrhoid medication for Zenzo and says so over the walkie talkies that they have. The gang doesn’t have to work hard to prove that they suck at this. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #207 Review

Life in the Odd Jobs household continues to be chaotic as things just happen that can easily confuse people. The start of this episode, which is just a launching point to a whole separate piece, involves Gin being frustrated by the TV they have as it doesn’t work. Only it’s not their TV that they’ve had all this time but something else which Kagura was given recently by a traveling salesman. Naturally, it doesn’t work and it gets complicated when Sa-chan arrives in the house and Gin has Sadaharu chew up and destroy the TV and to put it and her out in the trash. It’s quick gag, one that works effectively, but it sets up things as Sa-chan’s glasses are ruined and that puts her into a real pickle. Read More... //  

Gintama Episode #206 Review

Amusing things can happen when you’re in love, though some of them can be fairly shocking when you get down to the details of it. Take this episode of Gintama for example as Catherine has revealed to her boss and Gin that she has a boyfriend who intends to marry her. Considering her appearance, it’s not something that either of them thought would ever happen, so they’re pretty shocked by it. But what this relationship has done is to alter how Catherine looks (and not because of an animator who missed the actual design sheets). She’s looking like most young anime women of this sort with cat ears in that she’s pretty cute and radically different from before as the relationship has given her a real boost. Of course, sometimes people take better care of themselves when they get into a relationship, so that helps. And with her gent being a regular at the bar, he’s fully aware of what she does and has seen her transformation. Read More... //