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  • 50 episodes
    50 episodes
    • s2e99Life and Video Games are Full of Bugs
    • s2e98Play Video Games for Only An Hour A Day
    • s2e97Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time” / “Men Have a Weakness for Girls Who Sell Flowers and Work in Pastry Shops
    • s2e96If You're A Man, Don't Give Up
    • s2e95Men, Be A Madao
    • s2e94When Riding A Train, Make Sure You Grab The Straps With Both Hands
    • s2e93Even A Hero Has Issues
    • s2e92Be a Person Who Can See People's Strong Points and Not Their Weak Points
    • s2e91If You Want To Lose Weight, Then Stop Eating and Start Moving
    • s2e90The More Delicious the Food, the Nastier It Is When It Goes Bad
    • s2e89What Happens Twice, Happens Thrice
    • s2e88The Most Exciting Part of a Group Date is Before it Starts
    • s2e87Perform a German Suplex On a Woman Who Asks If She or the Job Is More Important
    • s2e86It's Often Difficult to Sleep When You're Engrossed With Counting Sheep
    • s2e85Hard-Boiled Eggs Don't Crack
    • s2e84Hard-boiled Egg on a Man's Heart
    • s2e83Rank Has Nothing to Do With Luck
    • s2e82You Say Kawaii so Often, You Must Really Think You’re Cute Stuff
    • s2e81A Woman's Best Make Up is Her Smile
    • s2e80When someone who wears glasses takes them off, it looks like something’s missing
    • s2e79Four Heads are Better than One
    • s2e78People who are picky about food are picky about people, too
    • s2e77Yesterday’s Enemy, After All Is Said and Done, Is Still the Enemy
    • s2e76In Those Situations, Keep Quiet and Cook Red Rice With Beans
    • s2e75Don’t complain about your job at home, do it somewhere else
    • s2e74The Manga Writer Becomes a Pro, After Doing a Stock of Manuscripts
    • s2e73Think for a Minute Now, Do Matsutake Mushrooms Really Taste All That Good?
    • s2e72A Dog's Paws Smell Fragrant" / "Drive With A "Might" Attitude
    • s2e71Some Data Cannot Be Erased
    • s2e70Too Many Cuties Can Make You Sick
    • s2e69Please Help by Separating Your Trash
    • s2e68Like a Haunted House, Life is Filled with Horrors
    • s2e67For the Wind Is the Life
    • s2e66Dango Over Flowers
    • s2e65Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys that Life is Precious
    • s2e64Eating Nmaibo Can Make You Full in No Time!
    • s2e63The Preview Section in JUMP is Always Unreliable
    • s2e62Even Mummy Hunters Sometimes Turn into Mummys
    • s2e61On A Moonless Night, Insects Are Drawn To The Light
    • s2e60The Sun Will Rise Again
    • s2e59Be Careful Not to Leave Your Umbrella Somewhere
    • s2e58Croquette Sandwiches Are Always the Most Popular Food Sold at the Stalls
    • s2e57When Looking For Something You've Lost, Remember What You Were Doing On The Day You Lost It
    • s2e56Keep an Eye on the Chief for the Day
    • s2e55Don't Make Munching Noises When You Eat
    • s2e54Mothers Everywhere Are All the Same
    • s2e53Stress Makes You Bald, but It's Stressful to Avoid Stress, so You End Up Stressed Out Anyway, so in the End There's Nothing You Can Do
    • s2e52If You Want to See Someone, Make an Appo First
    • s2e51Milk Should Be Served at Body Temperature
    • s2e50Once Upon a Time in China-Girl Gintama"" or “Pending Means Pending, It’s Not Final