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Girls Lena Dunham & Baby Drivers Edgar Wright Laud Danny Dyers Brexit Take As EastEnders Star Goes Viral

Girls creator Lena Dunham and Baby Driver director Edgar Wright are among the stars to have lauded EastEnders and Vendetta star Danny Dyer for his frank take on Brexit and the current political climate in the UK. Dyer, a refreshingly honest and misunderstood actor, went viral on Friday morning after appearing on ITV current affairs show Good Evening Britain . Speaking about Brexit, he called Brexit a "mad riddle". "No one's got a clue what Brexit is. You watch Question   ...Read More...

Lena Dunham Walks Back Her Defense of Girls Writer Accused of Sexual Assault

After her controversial stance on sexual assault allegations lodged against Girls writer Murray Miller, Lena Dunham has walked back her swift defense. Miller was accused by actress Aurora Perrineau of sexually assaulting her when she was 17, back in 2012. Dunham joined executive producer Jenni Konner   ...Read More...

'Girls' Grad Alex Karpovsky to Star in Comedy Central's 'Kill the Orange Face Bear'

'Blue Mountain State' co-creator Chris Romano will serve as showrunner on the project, which is in development at the Viacom-owned cable network.   ...Read More... //

Girls Season 6 Interview: Richard Shepherd, Ebon Richard-Moss and Jon Glaser Speak Out!

You may not believe this, but its already been months since the Girls Season 6 finale, and tomorrow that season will be on sale on Blu-Ray and DVD so you can live through the only four Girls who will ever be allowed to use that title alone. At the ATX Festival, I had a chance to sit down with director Richard Shepard and series costars Ebon Richard-Moss and Jon Glaser who portrayed Desi and Laird respectively. We talked about some of the bigger moments of the series and dangling questions remaining In anticipation of the DVD release. Enjoy!   ...Read More...

HBO to Bring "The Leftovers," "Girls" and "Room 104" to 2017 ATX Television Festival Next Month

The event returns for its sixth year June 8-11 in Austin, Texas. ...Read More... //

Lena Dunham Reveals Which Girls Cast Member Had a "Powerfully Odd" Audition

  Over the course of six seasons, the main characters on HBO's Girls changed in profound ways. But none of those evolutions could top the transformation of star Adam Driver . During a "Tribeca Talks" discussion in New York City on Tuesday, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, Girls creator and star Lena ...Read More... ...   //

TV Stars Get Extreme FaceApp Makeovers

If you haven't seen terrifying versions of your friends pop up in your Instagram and Facebook feeds, it's only a matter of time. FaceApp is the latest photo-manipulating tool letting anyone with a smartphone conduct extreme makeovers on themselves, their friends, their enemies, or, in our case, celebrities. That's right, after terrorizing each other , we're turning the app toward some of the SideReel community's favorite shows to see what the stars would look like at different ages and as different genders. Good news, Game of Thrones fans! Arya Stark lives forever!   That hair really works for Old Lady Daenerys.   Staying at HBO, here's a still from the future reboot of Girls , which we hope is better than the Kimmel spoof.   Turn that frown upside down, Momma.   Of course Marnie looks great.   This is actually too real. Lady Clay is a stunner.   Here's a sneak peek at Season 35 of Grey's Anatomy . Spoiler: there is another plane crash.   Where are the flaws, though? THERE ARE NONE.   Nothing to fix here.   Next season on Scandal , the new obstacle facing Olitz is time-travel shenanigans.   Another unsuccessful attempt to find a flaw.   This Is Us, if by us you mean Angelina Jolie and Minnie Driver's love child.   Nothing strange about an aged-up Winona.   The face Barb was always supposed to have. p { text-align: justify; }

We Got an Answer to the Girls Finale Question No One Was Asking

Sundays Girls finale tied up some key loose ends concerning Hannah and hernew miniature male sidekick. But we did have one crucialquestion regarding her newborn son that the farewell didnt answer: Whats little Grovers middle name? RELATEDGirls Finale Recap: So, Did Hannah Finally Grow Up? Grade the Episode! OK, so maybe its not crucial, in [] //

Girls Series Finale Explained: "Everyone's Trying to Figure It Out"

Viewers said goodbye to Girls as Lena Dunham's HBO series wrapped up its six-year run on Sunday, April 16 with a quiet finale just featuring three of the show's main characters: Hannah... ...Read More... //

The Girls Finale Reminds Us This Wasn't Just a Show for Millennials

What gets lost when we talk about Girls is the notion that it was also a simple coming-of-age story.   ...Read More... //