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'Girls': 5 reasons season 5 is better

Did Girls lose you last season? I watched it all,eventually, but by the end it felt likegetting dumped in Coney Island with a smashed piece of cake and no purse: trying to make the best of a few good crumbs, in other words, but still pretty bummed about the overall scenario. Even die-...   Read More... //

'Girls' Star Allison Williams on Marnie's Romantic Reunion and Relationship Decision

"A lot of things that we would have felt jarring or different or weird in Charlie's behavior, she's actively trying not to judge and of course the one time she's actively trying to turn off her judgment she needs it really badly," the actress tells THR of one of the episode's big moments. "As much flak as she gets for her judgment, occasionally it would come in handy."  Read More... //

Girls Just Surprised Us All With a Major Return & Relationship Bombshell

Talk about a blast from the past! Girls just surprised us by suddenly bringing back Marnie's (Allison Williams) ex-boyfriend Charlie, but we wouldn't have known it just by looking...   Read More... //

Lena Dunham shares health update after hospitalization

Lena Dunham has offered an update on her condition after being hospitalized Saturday and undergoing surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst. My gynecologist says Im a good girl so I have achieved all I ever dreamed of, Dunham tweeted Wednesday with her usual mix of frankness and humor. Loving you... ...  Read More.... //

'Girls': Zosia Mamet on Shoshanna's "New Lease on Life" in Japan, Episode's "F It" Moment

The actress talks to THR about her character's romantic developments and the decision she makes in the episode's final seconds. ...  Read More... //

Lena Dunham Hospitalized, Will Undergo Surgery for Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

She has discussed her bouts with endometriosis on multiple occasions.    Read More... //

Girls Adam and Jessa Together Is So Wrong Its Right

Or is it so right it's wrong?   Read More... //

Lena Dunham Writes Letter in Support of Kesha, Argues Women Who Come Forward Have Everything to Lose, Whether Theyre Pop Stars or Single Mothers

Whats happening to Kesha highlights the way that the American legal system continues to hurt women by failing to protect them from the men they identify as their abusers.    Read More... //

Girls Is Consistently a Better Show Than It Gets Credit For

It's more thoughtful and self-aware than the mountains of press clippings about Lena Dunham would ever suggest.   Read More... //

Girls Alex Karpovsky on Filming in Wet Clothes, His Love Story With Marnie, and Why Ray Needs to Get on Tinder

"There's a chapter of his life with Marnie thats still playing out that may or may not work out."   Read More... //