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SideReel Power Ranking: Week of February 5, 2017

Suits just managed to earn a third consecutive week at the top of the SideReel Power Ranking, a weekly look at the TV shows garnering the most attention on Hot on the USA Network drama's tail is one of a trio of newcomers to the ranking, Legion . The unique FX show is another critical hit for the network, earning raves for its striking visuals and attention-commanding storytelling. The next three spots are taken by CW dramas, with newcomer Riverdale jumping over the soon-to-depart Vampire Diaries , followed by The Flash . The list's two other newbies are very different in every possible way: 24: Legacy explodes into the eighth position while the final season promo for Girls pushes the HBO comedy into 10th.     Top 10 Shows on SideReel: February 5 - February 11   1 - Suits   2 - Legion ●   3 - Riverdale ▲   4 - The Vampire Diaries ▼   5 - The Flash ▼   6 - Grey's Anatomy   7 - This Is Us   8 - 24: Legacy ●   9 - Game of Thrones ▼   10 - Girls ● p { text­align: justify; }

Girls has a no-Spanx rule for Hannah

Girls premiered its sixth and final season on Sunday, and Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) is just as disheveled as ever. She nabs a freelance assignment writing about a Hamptons surf camp based on her look i.e. one that will contrast starkly with the skinny, yoga pants-wearing housewives hitting the waves. Once at said camp,...   ...Read More... //

The Girls Writers Room on Putting Words in the Mouths of Hannah and Her Friends

Lenas the kind of person who doesnt realize it would hurt someones feelings to say, Id like to mock your songs on the show.  ...Read More... //

'Girls' Team Previews Final Season's Focus on Friendship, Riz Ahmed's Return

Allison Williams explains what's behind her character's "tryst" with her bandmate-turned-husband.  ...Read More... //

Jessa is actually the best character on Girls

Over five seasons of Girls, Jessa Johansson has gotten a bad rap. She subjects her friends to a manic episode-turned-surprise wedding, dates their exes, and is perpetually unemployed. Her hair is too perfect. You hate her for being that obnoxious, free-spirited friend of yours who never commits to anything until you realize shes a... ...Read More... //

Girls's Final Season Is Sublime and Exasperating All at Once

You have to accept the totality, including the parts you cant stand, otherwise you cant watch the show at all. ....Read More... //

Girls Mega Buzz: Has Hannah Met Her Soul Mate?

  The Season 6 premiere of Girls features a very special guest star: Riz Ahmed , best known for Star Wars: Rogue One and another HBO series, The Night Of , which shows a very different New York City than the one inhabited by the girls (and boys) of Girls . Ahmed plays Paul-Louis ("one name, like the   ...Read More...   //

Girls Star Allison Williiams Breaks Free With Blond Hair

Now that Girls is over, the cast is moving on. Lena Dunham is already talking life after the show. Adam Driver is on the road to movie stardom. The latest star of the show, Allison Williams, is moving on with a new look. The young actress who played Marnie Michaels appears to have made a clean break from her brunette character. Williams debuted a blond look on her Instagram account with the following caption: Here it is IRL. Still getting used to it, but I dig it. Thank you @auracolorist and @rebekahforecast for helping me say goodbye to Marnie ...Read More... //

Lena Dunham Explains How Her Anxiety is Different from Hannah's

She has so many fewer problems than I do! ...Read More... //

The Final Season of Girls Will Re-create Marnie and Desi's Butt-Play Scene From a "Different"

And this time, itll be with Ray. ...Read More... //