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Girls Finale Recap: So, Did Hannah Finally Grow Up? Grade the Episode!

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the series finale ofGirls. It took until the series finale, but Hannah Horvath finally put on her big Girls pants. The HBO comedys final episode finds the a voice of her a generation already a new mother, thanks to a time jump of five months. Welcome to the world, [] //

Girls Series Finale Recap: I Got It

The problem of how to end Girls has always rested on the problem of what we want from Hannah. ...Read More... //

Girls Season 6 Episode 10 Review: Latching

Hannah Horvath is officially a mom. And yes, it did force her to finally grow up. Sort of. Girls Season 6 Episode 10 was a satisfying end to the long-running show, though it felt much more like an epiloguethan the finale. Girls Season 6 Episode 9 felt much more like a traditional finale something that Lena Dunham and Co. confirmed was a purposeful choice in various finale post-mortem interviews. That installment found all of the main cast saying a final goodbye and going their separate ways. ...Read More...

Goodbye Girls': What Lena Dunham Taught Me

The first year that Girls debuted on HBO TheWrap newsroom was often in turmoil on Monday mornings, when female staffers would face off against male staffers and explain why they despised the show. Or, alternately, why they refused to watch it. Really. We had all-out cultural battle lines between the women who hated how the show cut way too close to the jib of their real lives Im not going home to watch myself on TV, sorry, one annoyed sales coordinator told me memorably and others who felt seen and recognized and thus championed by Hannah and her friends. ...Read More... //

Review: Girls Finale Walks Into the Future, Pantless and Unbowed

This series wraps up with Lena Dunhams Hannah feeding her infant, but the episode is about so much more than that. ...Read More...

Girls Recap: The Best Worst

Need to catch up? Check out the previousGirls recap here. Our little Girls are growing up. Finally. In the series penultimate episode, a major job offer causes Hannah to seriously consider leaving New York City and raising her baby elsewhere. The possibility pushes the mom-to-be to seek out the opinions of those whove shared her [] //

Girls Recap: We're All Just Doing Our Best

The real ending here is these four characters relationship with one another. ....Read More... //

Girls Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Goodbye Tour

Can you believe that Girls Season 6 Episode 9 is the second-to-last episode of Girls ever ? I think I'm in a little bit of denial. That denial isn't because I think the show should continue on. Actually, it's wrapping up beautifully, and it's clear that tons of thought and care was put into bringing each character's storyline to its organic end. I'm just always sad when good TV takes its final bow no matter how well it concludes.  ...Read More...

Girls Recap: Isn't It Pretty to Think So?

For a moment there in this weeks Girls, its easy to think were in another one of those Hannahs ideal day episodes. And that thought chills me so deeply, given whats happening on screen, I have a fleeting desire to snatch Lairds knit cap from his misguided head and plop it on my own. Because [] //

Girls Season 6 Episode 8 Review: What Will We Do This Time About Adam?

It's safe to say that Girls Season 6 Episode 8 is one of my favorites out of the series' entire six-year run. Unlike many other installments, the three separate plots of "What Will We Do This Time About Adam?" wove together perfectly, and I was equally invested in each of them. The lack of Marniecertainly didn't hurt things either. ...Read More...