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'Girls' - 'It's Back': Hannah and Marnie continue their spirals

First of all, hands up, everyone who thought Hannah was pretending to have OCD at the beginning of Sunday's (March 3) "Girls." Although it lacked some of the usual Hannah elements -- namely, an audience to see the unique and special nature of her problem -- given what we know about her, it's not hard to imagine she was doing her eight-counts as part of an "experience" for her e-book, a la her cocaine bender earlier in the season.Soon enough, though, we learn Hannah really is obsessive-compulsive, and the stress of her book deadline and the unmooring of her Brooklyn world -- every relationship she had in Season 1, which is only about two months ago in show time, is changed or broken -- has caused it to flare up again. (Adam, on the other hand, seems to be pulling it together, give or take a glass of sour milk. He seems so surprised and... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/03/girls---its-back-hannah-and-marnie-continue-their-spirals.html

Girls Sneak Peeks: Where is Jessa?!?

Girls airs a new episode this Sunday, as Hannah's parents come to town and she's forced to pretend like all is going very well with her e-book. But that awkward situation is not the focus of either of the following clips. In the first, we see Adam approached by an older woman... who simply cannot get over how tall and adorable Hannah's wacky ex-boyfriend is. Watch his hilarious reaction to her advances now: //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/03/girls-sneak-peeks-where-is-jessa/

PHOTOS & PREVIEWS: Girls Season 2 Episode 8 “It’s Back”

Girls  season 2 episode 8 "It’s Back" airs Sunday March 3 (9:00-9:30 p.m.) on HBO. Episode Synopsis : Hannah (Lena Dunham) tries to hide mounting anxiety about her book from hervisiting  parents (Becky Ann Baker and Peter Scolari). Marnie (Allison Williams ) is stunned to learn that Charlie (Chris Abbott) has started a successful app company; at AA, Adam (Adam Driver) meets a boisterous woman (Carol Kane) who coaxes him into dating her daughter, Natalia (Shiri Appleby); and Ray’s (Alex Karpovsky) aversion to college parties gives Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) pause. READ MORE....