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David Caruso, Vivica Fox, and A Stalker?

Sooo... I wrote a post on Vivica Fox's new show scheduled to air on VH1 and I got what seemed to be a fairly innocent comment from a person calling themselves Dojo. The real Dojo wanted our visitors to know that Vivica is currently dating David Caruso. Innocent enough...right? Well, now I have been forewarned that the poster who left this comment is supposedly a lady named Heidi Schnitzer who is said to be a very dangerous David Caruso stalker. Visit for stalker warnings.

Glam God Judge Vivica Fox Review

Today I read an article titled "Vivica A. Fox's style leaves something to be desired which attacked Vivica's ability to be a "Glam God." The author starts her scathing satire with "Please don't let Vivica A. Fox anywhere near my glam.The actress, star of nothing I can remember off the top of my head, has been granted her own show on VH1, "Glam God With Vivica A. Fox," in which she judges other people's sense of style..." Well, personally I loved Vivica in "Two can Play that Game..." Continue